Where to eat in Brighton; a foodies city guide

"You run a food blog? Where's the best place to eat in Brighton?"

I get asked this question so often and I actually really love it. The best part of being a foodie is being able to share the food you love, so when someones ask for recommendations I often end up reeling off a long list of places they have to try! So, in order to streamline that and answer the question once and for all; here is my foodie guide to Brighton (and a bit of Hove)

Additional note: I will be updating this regularly so make sure to check in with it before each visit, date night or extended lunch break!

So let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start); Breakfast. As you know I am a foodie but I think my favourite meal to go out for is breakfast, on a weekday it feels like such as luxury to head somewhere for breakfast to be cooked for you and on a weekend it is a perfect start to the freedom you've got. 


For a civilised breakfast just before you're heading or a day of adventures then head to Mangetout, an independent bistro serving organic eggs on sourdough toast with the smoothest hollandaise I've tasted in Brighton. Serving brunch 7 days a week with a seasonal changing menu it is one of Henry and I's favourite weekend spots. 

For an Instagramable breakfast after a long night out, Six's brunch bowls are a great option. With vegetarian, vegan, fish and 'the grand' options there is something for everyone and they are beautiful to look at too or if you're in Hove then I love the plate-sized pancakes on offer in Hixon Green.

If you fancy somewhere further out of town then Marmalade is a must-visit. Serving both breakfasts and delicious lunches it's a great option on the way to the marina or just somewhere skightly further out, or if you're looking to grab a go head to their smaller cafe across the road. 


Lunch for me is always a hard one, if you’re out on a day trip you never want anything too big or you’ll be completely full and won’t enjoy dinner but, with the many places around Brighton to see you don't want to be going hungry either. 

My highlights for lunch have to be:
For a sit-down lunch I’d head to Cin Cin (the hove branch) although the Brighton branch has its charm I love that the hove one is bigger and a bit more spacious, their menu is also slightly different with a bigger range of dishes. Jamie Halsall is an absolute genius in the kitchen and with an open kitchen and bar seating it’s great to watch him working on the seasonal menu whilst people watching in hove. 

For a quick bite, the street diner in Brighthelm Gardens is a great way to trying a whole range of Brighton businesses. You can get anything from picnic boxes to paella and although it’s only a Friday it’s worth planning ahead to try some of their offerings for lunch.

For Sunday lunch my favourite is Bubsy and wilds which is in Kemptown, I’ve heard great things about dizzy gull but have never managed to get out there so my top pick has to be B&W. I love the sharing portions of vegetables and the meat is always delicious, extra marks for the consistently good service as well. 

Post lunch snacks
What kind of foodie would I be if I didn't offer extra courses? I like a later dinner and so, sometimes, this means that a mid-afternoon snack needs to be added in. There are so many great places to 'grab a bite' but for me, it depends on the seasons. 

In the summer, a few scoops from Boho gelato as you walk along the beach is a must. The artisan ice cream shop is well known for his innovative flavours and, if you can time it right, their taste of Brighton offerings are amazing. I love their 'themed cabinets' with themes including tastes of Brighton, around the world and pride colours. 

Previous festive flavours have included yuzu jam and honey pannacotta, vegan maple syrup and choc chip waffles and plum wine candy cane. My recommendation is to be brave you will not regret it (and you can always ask to try the flavour before you commit).

In the winter a warming portion of chips is a perfect comfort snack. And for that, you need to head to Be fries! Located at the top of West street Be Fries is a great snack option of Belgian fries with more sauces than you can get through on your own! Keep an eye out for their sauces coming to shelves soon!


Dinner is always a tough choice and even as I write this there are a lot of places on my 'to visit' list that may make take the top spot on the edit! 

For a special occasion or a visiting relative I will always opt for Bincho Yakitori; a Japanese barbeque restaurant in the centre of town. With a simple menu but big flavours the menu really has something for everyone but when you head down make sure you're ordering the asparagus, the pork belly and any of the chicken skewers as well. The feel of the restaurant is definitely casual so order a lot of dishes and share them out between you!

For my ultimate comfort meal, I will always go for pizza and my favourite has to be Fatto A Mano. With two sites across the city, Fatto offers not only great wood fired pizza's but delicious sides and starters as well. Obviously, you can't beat a good burrata but I am a huge fan of their Campania fries, perfectly crispy fries served with garlic, salt and rosemary. My pizza of choice is usually the n'duja but keep an eye on their specials as well. (Vegan, white and folded pizza's also available).

And if you are heading out for a really special occasion, you cannot go wrong with one of the restauarants in the Ginger chain. I love the small, and original, Gingerman personally and it not only offers great intimate meals for two but also parties as well. 

For a pre-drink/during drink snack we head for The Pond; a pub not only offering great beer but also amazing food. The Pond serves their signature Taiwanese steamed buns alongside small plates and sides. They have a great selection of dishes for meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans and you cannot go without trying their dessert bao; which is served with either black sesame ice cream or peanut butter ice cream and jam. 

Other foodie places that are definitely worth checking out on a visit to Brighton have to be:

The Community kitchen; a charity led community kitchen offering cookery courses like sushi making, dim sum classes and masterclasses with head chefs like Cin Cin's Jamie Halsall alongside community courses for vulnerable Brighton residents. 

Infinity Foods; Both a shop and a cafe in the heart of Brighton laines the shop offers a huge range of organic and natural vegetarian and vegan foods with a bakery that is something else!

Bison Beer; An independent craft beer bar and brewing company with three sites across the city. Henry and I love to head to the Hove branch serving beers on taps and to brought alongside cheese boards and regular food pop ups. I've also visited their Brighton branch which not only serves drinks but also has a restaurant level serving food made by The Humble plates kitchen.

So that is my current foodie guide, a list of some of my favourite places to go in Brighton for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks in between. I have also written a post on the announced Brighton's best restaurants; a selection of the top 20 Brighton restaurants voted for by a foodie panel. 

Would you like to do see a Worthing foodie guide? Let me know your Worthing recommendations in the comments below

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