Wahaca's Brighton Beach Tacover

Sunny weekends mean three things to me; beach, drinks and amazing food. Brighton Beach Tacover is the new summer campaign launched by Wahaca and combines all those things; a month long campaign helping to support the clean up of Brighton beaches in three very exciting ways. 

I was invited along to the launch of this event to find out more about the campaign and to try some of their amazing Mexican street food and delicious (and well known) margaritas.

The first way to get involved is to simply go along to the restaurant. Bring a child along to build their own taco for free, all that they are asking for is a £1 donation per child which will go towards the campaign. 

I really love this idea because it not only supports the campaign but also allows for the younger generation to try some of their amazing food. While we were at the launch event I was lucky enough to try some of their dishes I haven't tried before, including the delicious sweet potato and feta taquito; a dish perfect for any vegetarians the crispy taco with the soft sweet potato filling went amazingly together. I loved the freshness of the lettuce and the tangy chipotle mayo as well alongside the sweet potato! 

I also got to go back to one of my favourite dishes, the crab tostada. The crab tostada isn't the most sophisticated dish to eat but I love the combination of the crab, avocado and sharp pickled onions on top and it's a definite must try.

Another great dish for the kids to try (and another dish for the vegeterians) is their cactus and cougette taco. The cactus dishes at wahaca are always a go to order for me and these soft tacos filled with delicious vegetables, sweet corn and a good helping of cheese are a great dish to go for.

So, the second way to become involved in their campaign is to order their specifically created (and absolutely delicious) Grilled mackerel tacos!

Created exclusively for Wahaca Brighton these tacos are topped with grilled mackerel, shredded coleslaw and habanero mayo. I particularly loved the return of the pickled onion on this dish as well, it gives a great balance to the mackerel and mayonnaise with a crunch as well. 

Whilst at the event we were lucky enough to meet Thomasina, co-founder of Wahaca, who explained to us the choices behind the dishes and the campaign (and whipped us up a delicious salsa as well). She also explained that each Grilled mackerel taco ordered will mean a further £1 donated towards the beach clean fund so great food, great cause! 

The money rasied will be split between three charities; Brighton Dolphin Project, a charity aiming to raise awareness around the local marine ecosystems. As well as Plastic Free Brighton and Plastic Free Pledge, charities that both focus on the reduction of single-use plastics and information sharing on sustainable living. 

And there's a third way!! On Sunday 21st of July, Wahaca will be hosting a big beach clean. A day of helping to clean Brighton beach and a little birdy told me there'll be some free tacos afterwards as well!

Make sure to click on the links on the charity names to find out more about where the money is going and I look forward to seeing you all on the 21st of July!!

For more information on the campaign and the three ways to get involved head to Wahaca/Brighton Beach Tacover

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