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Jamie Halsall

Jamie Halsall is the head chef of the Cin Cin restaurants located in both Brighton, Vine street and now Hove, western road. Beginning as a consultant for David when Cin Cin was moving into the world of restaurants he has been there from the beginning, continually changing and evolving the menu and helping to bring Cin Cin from strength to strength.

Let's start at the beginning…
Whats your favourite childhood food memory?
There are so many! One that sticks out is that when I was a child I managed to get two of my sauces massively mixed up. I was completely adamant that I wanted gravy on my apple crumble, my mum asked and asked but stubbornness meant I stuck by it even though I had started to know I was wrong. Custard definitely would have been the better choice! I also have great memories of my mum's shepherds pie

Why did you pick to work in Brighton (or Hove)?
I actually live in Kent now but work in Brighton. It's a testament to Brighton of how much I love it that I commute down every day! I started off by consulting with Dave (of Cincin) whilst he was making the move from the van to the restaurant and ended up staying on. I love the community there is around food businesses in Brighton that you don't really get elsewhere, both from the customers and other food businesses in the city.

Where is your favourite place to go to in Brighton, somewhere just to relax?
Definitely the beach. Our Western Road restaurant is just up from Hove beach so I love to head down on my breaks, a sea swim is a perfect break from the heat of the kitchen!

Now to get hungry...
What is your ultimate weekend breakfast? Who would cook it?
Crushed avocado on sourdough bread with a fried egg, cooked by me or my wife (but my eggs are always better)

And what is your favourite family recipe? Don’t worry we won’t steal it!
My gran's apple pie. Like my mums, shepherd's pie her apple pie is all about the nostalgia and I love the methodical well practised way it is ALWAYS cooked

If you could only use one seasoning for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Smoked paprika... or the rosemary sourdough crumb we have in the restaurant

Instagram, has it had a positive/negative impact on what you do? 
Generally, it's a positive thing, I tend to use it for myself to save memories. I'll look back at old pictures and menu's to be reinspired. I don't mind it in the restaurant either, I am flattered that people want to take pictures of my food even if it's not always in the light I would imagine or planned it.
Now for the quickfire round…
Chocolate or cheese?
Tea of coffee?
Instagram or Twitter?
Starter or dessert?
Most overrated or underrated food?
Overrated- Anything that is a fad food, food fashions can be overrated and often they are tried but not really understood
Underrated- A classic Heinz tomato soup

It's your last meal and you get three courses, what do you choose?
For starters, a pork, chicken and ham hock terrine. My main would be a Cardinian (I, Amara, may have spelt that wrong!) fish curry and to finish would be a classic bread and butter pudding, well my bread and butter pudding
And you get one final phone call to anyone in the world, who do you call?
Anyone? Michael Jackson

What are your 2018 goals? Or something you are looking forward to this year?
I think it would be to keep developing and making Cin Cin better

When in Brighton make sure to head down to either one of the Cin Cin venues to try their delicious menu which changes regularly and is always absolutely stunning. 
Check their website here

I was lucky enough to go to the opening of the western road Cin Cin, following the success of their first venue in Brighton. See what I thought of it here

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