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You can't celebrate Brighton without talking about the booze in Brighton. One of my familys personal favourite places for a drink are the Bison Beer shops and bars. For those who don't know, Bison Beer is a bar, brewery and bottleshop in Brighton, with sites in three places across the city. 

Bison began with two friends with a love for beer in 2015. They began with a bottleshop in the laines and since then the business has grown and now appeals to a range of foodies and beer drinkers across the city. We were lucky enough to head to their newest site for lunch; a collaboration with Bison Beer and the amazing Humble Kitchen, who you may know as Humble Plates for their epic pop ups, and is located in the North Laines. 

The Humble Plates kitchen serve everything from bar snacks to hand food, small plates and desserts. With a 'modern campfire' feel the food is delicious but not over complicated or intimidating; there is a clear passion with both the Humble Plates kitchen and the Bison Beer team that comes through in their food. I loved that they had even had a work camping trip to try some of the dishes cooked on an actual fire. 

There is a clear harmony between the kitchen and staff and this is shown both in the atmosphere but also the menu. Each dish has a beer pairing recommendation alongside it, giving customers a chance to try something different without feeling pressured whilst picking food they are excited about as well. 

On our visit we tried three of their dishes; Macaroni cheese croquettes with a truffle mayo; croquettes seem to be a signiture for Humble Plates, they have even experimented with flavours like spaghetti bologanise! Hoisin fried cauliflower servied with tofu and peanuts; a great combination of textures and something a bit different to what you make expect, and a Pork belly dish with miso and topped with a cripsy fried egg. 

All of the flavours were delicious but, as a huge cheese lover, the macaroni cheese croquette may have been my favourite and I cannot wait to order this again. They also have some other great options on their menu and I'll definitely be heading back to try their burger menu soon. 

Our food was paired with a flight of beers which can be ordered with or without food.  
I tend to order a pale ale whenever I am out, as it's my safe option. However following the pairing recommendations we had three beers, none of which I had tried before! We tried a burning sky, the humble lager and (my new personal favourite) the disco fizz, which was a sour beer. 
I loved the beer pairings as I would never have ordered a sour beer normally, but it went really well with the pork belly and I enjoyed the sharpness with the creamy maraconi cheese as well.

I love the characteristics of each of the Bison sites but the newest site is definitely one to check out for both locals and visitors to Brighton. The newest site being split into three means that there is somewhere for everyone. There is a restaurant on the top floor for diners, the bar for drinkers or lunch time vistors or the underground The Hideout, a snug setting which not only has its own bar and toilet for private parties, but also cosy seating and screens which will be showing a range of sports as well. 

Make sure to not only visit this site but also check out the Hove branch which is more of a bar and bottleshop or their original bottleshop which is in the Brighton laines. Also check out their instagram for updates on their food pop ups and special menus here

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