Toffee apple cinnamon rolls

Happy first of October! Now no one can argue it, it's autumn time and that can only mean one thing in my house.. more baking! I love a good pumpkin baked treat this time of year but I know that a lot of people just aren't a fan. So for all of you who want something comforting and autumnal but without the pumpkin, here is my toffee apple cinnamon plait. 

This is a great option not only for you and your house but also to take to work, or share with others. If you're looking to do this just bake them as swills instead; still cut into 1 inch slices but instead lay in a cake tin or bake separately in ramekins.

I love to have mine as an after dinner treat but they're a great option for lunches and even breakfasts; I'm even tempted to throw some butter in a pan and fry them like french toast... maybe one for this weekend!  

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