Vegetable picking at Roundstone Farm

No you are overexcited for autumn and went hunting for pumpkins in September! But I am so glad I did.. me and the mothers headed to Roundstone pick your own farm and had the nicest day. 

Roundstone is a multi-generational farm just outside of Worthing and one of my favourite places to go. It is a pick your own farm offering fruit and vegetables with a farm shop, garden centre and small stalls at the end. We have gone before to hunt for various vegetables but it tends to be in the spring months, when we went this month there was mainly types of marrow, corn, broccoli and raspberries if you went digging. 

I can't recommend an autumn day here enough. It's a great family activity during these pandemic times..and once life is back to 'normal' as well. Everything you pick is priced by weight at the end alongside other offerings like ice creams and drinks. We came away with a big haul but for Henry and I, I opted to take home corn, an onion green beans and of course some little pumpkins for a bitter of autumn home decor.


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