Red Lentil & Spinach Dahl recipe (vegan)

Everyone needs a good go to vegan recipe, for when your very-Brighton friends come over, and mine is this lentil and spinach Dahl. A two pan recipe which is super easy to throw together and entertain at the same time (in small groups of course). I love these kinds of dishes; when you can have the main plate, but also have all of the extra trimmings depending on your guests taste. 

Extra spice? Squeeze of lemon? More salt? Popadoms or nann?

In the picture I have drizzled with extra coconut milk, but you could top with natural yogurt (obviously it's not vegan then), crispy onions or chopped coriander. We usually have ours with popadoms but lately we have a new love for paratha We buy ours frozen from Tesco and then dry fry until they have brown spots on each side. If you are feeding a big group (eventually) then I would definitely opt for rice to bulk out the meal. 

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