Plateau, a set menu for two

I have lived in Brighton my whole life (except a couple of Midland years for uni) and I still feel constantly surprised by the restaurants that we have here. I am forever adding to my 'to visit' list and one that has been on there for a while is Plateau. A wine bar meets restaurant they are consistently rated highly and this year was featured on Brighton's Best restaurants, October Best. 

The menu pictured above is their usual set menu which, even without October best deals, is great value for money for the food you receive. This year their October best menu was an offer of three courses, with two to pick from for each, and at lunch time even came with a glass of natural wine which was a choice between red, white and rose.

The Starter

To start both mums and I went for the fish soup with rouille. As a huge lover of seafood, I was sceptical about the idea of a fish soup but was pleseantly surprised. The soup was thin but flavoursome, almost broth like. I loved the taste of crab that came through without it being too overpowering. It was delicious and I could have eaten this as a main! 

The Main

Mum and I chose two different main courses, mostly just so we could try everything on the set menu! I went for the vegetarian option of wild mushroom, wet polenta and Jerusalem artichokes and although wet polenta doesn't sound like the nicest thing, it was a beautifully balanced and earthy dish. I loved the mix of different wild mushrooms alongside the roasted artichokes with the wet polenta. There was also a pickled element as well which really cut through the rest of the earthy flavours.

Mum went for the meat option, this on the usual set menu is a bavette steak but for the October best they served a roasted chicken leg with leek and wholegrain mustard suace. The leeks and mushroom accompliments were delicious and it again was a homely type meal; it felt home cooked but elevated to a delicious standard. 

The chicken itself was delicious with a crispy skin and soft inside, mum and I are really fussy about the cooking of chicken and (unnecessarily) put off when the chicken is slightly pink, this was pink but still delicious. 

The Dessert

So for the pudding mum and I went for something neither of us has tried before, it is actually a favourite for my step mum, but if I have the choice I will always go for something that is more chocolatey and toffee than spongey and custard. We both ordered the Plateau Rum Baba which is a mini bricohe soaked in rum served with a custard. 

Now I don't know if we are just not rum baba people but it was unbelievably alcoholic. The brioche was cooked beautifully and the custard was delicious but it was also overshadowed by what felt like a pint of rum... Next time I think we'll stick to cheese!

The service was amazing and the rest of the menu looked great, we will definitely be heading back soon to try some of their other amazing dishes.

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