The Salt Room, a set menu

Firstly, yes October best is over. Brighton was lucky enough to host another year of the amazing restaurant festival celebrating the best restaurants in Brighton with bespoke menus and I was lucky enough to go to a few of these; but why write the review now? 

Although October best is over I think it's important to not only celebrate the menu they had but encourage as many people to go there even after the festival is over. The Salt room may be my favourite restaurant in Brighton; it combines amazing service, perfect location and delicious food.

The Starter

To start I went for the smoked mackerel, watercress and oyster mayo. The watercress was set a thin delicate jelly in the base of the dish and topped with the flavoursome oyster mayo, the star for me was the smoked mackerel. The fish was beautifully seasoned without being overpowering. 

My mum went for the other fish option, Beetroot cured salmon, candied beetroots and spicy avocado. The salmon was sliced wafer thin and I loved the flavours combined with the smooth avocado sauce. 

Jo, as someone who doesn't eat fish, went for the vegetarian starter. Even as a fish restaurant Salt room is always really successful in offering vegetarian and non-fish meals which still pack great flavours! The vegetarian option on the menu was goats cheese, artichoke and creme fraiche. A fresh start to a meal with a great mix of textures and the goat's cheese went amazingly with the artichoke. 

The Main

The main that both my mum and I went for was the cod en papillote. The original dish had an orange element, which I am allergic to, the staff and kitchen were amazingly accommodating to this even with a set menu. I was made an alternative version with a butter sauce as a substitute. The fish itself was perfectly cooked and I loved the reveal of the fish encased in the paper with new potatoes and Jerusalem artichoke. 

Jo went for the meat option of corn-fed chicken which was served with burnt onion, leeks and edible flowers. The chicken dish looked, smelt and tasted amazing.  

The Dessert

For dessert, we all chose to go for the selection of The salt room sweets. My mum has a serious nut allergy and (again) they were amazingly accommodating to this, switching some of the initial sweets for nut-free ones instead. The sweets included are from the signature 'Tastes of the pier' dessert. My favourite was the chocolate and peanut or the raspberry and yuzu marshmallow, I loved the combinations of all of the flavours and it was a great end to the meal. 

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