What makes Brighton great..

So it's time to launch my first series on Brighton Born and Bread, and I couldn't start anywhere else other than celebrating the city that I love. Brighton. The summer is the time that I think really shows Brighton off so what better time to celebrate Brighton than in August. 

Through BB Events and this blog I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing Brighton based people, who I couldn't wait to feature; whether that's because of their love of food or just keeping the spirit of Brighton alive.

In this series I will be celebrating the things that I think make Brighton great, from the people to the businesses. I'll be looking deeper into some of the Brighton businesses and also interviewing some of the Brighton foodies that I think make this city great. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates and feel free to suggest anyone or anywhere that you think needs to be included in this celebration of all things Brighton. 

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