A day with.. Roly's fudge pantry

What makes Brighton great? For me, it's the people and the businesses and Roly's is one of those businesses. It's a shop that everyone in Brighton knows about and lots of people come to visit. So when I was thinking about this new feature, I knew I wanted to include this iconic shop and find out more about Roly's and the people that run it. 

The shop itself is located in the heart of the Brighton Laines and is a franchise of the bigger Roly's brand. This store is in fact the last store owned by the original owners of the franchise and therefore is a very unique option to visit. The fudge itself is all made in-house; from coming up with flavours, making the fudge in the giant copper pan to the individual packaging of the fudge they sell in the shop.

I love the huge range of flavours that they have in the shop, from classic vanilla (still their best seller) to lemon meringue, salted maple pecan to their limited edition ale. The flavour combinations are well thought out but still varied and with their offer of limited-edition flavours throughout the year, there is definitely something for everyone. They have also now introduced a vegan fudge with dairy options substituted for coconut oils. I was lucky enough to try some and it was delicious. 

What I really liked about the shop was that it felt like an immersive experience for everyone, the fudge is all made in the shop and on show for the customers which I thought was a great addition. From the butter, milks and sugars being added to the huge ornate copper pots and simmering away, to the pour of the mixture onto the cool marble slab, the whole place smells delicious continually. I really enjoyed watching the transformation from smooth mix to crumble fudge with the different flavours being added at various stages, it was a perfectly practised procedure with a very tasty outcome. 

It's also worth saying that all of the vegan products are made on a different day to ensure there isn't any cross-contamination and there is clear allergy advise displayed in the store. 

The store itself is both enticing and welcoming, the bright colours and unique flavours add the individuality that a franchise needs and the welcoming staff, and the ever-changing flavour combinations gave it that Brighton twist that I loved.

I really enjoyed being able to spend the day with Roly's fudge pantry and came away knowing I would be coming back from more, whether that was a present for a friend or just a snack for myself whilst strolling through The Laines. 

If you would like any more information on Roly's fudge pantry, make sure to check out their website or head down to the amazing team in store. 

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