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Foodie Eshe

Eshe is a Brighton based food blogger who writes about all things, from reviews to recipes. She was a guest on four episodes of BBC one's The Hairy Bikers and has been on BBC radio discussing Brighton food. 

So, lets start at the beginning...
What’s your favourite childhood food memory? 
When I was three and a half, my dad took me to Jamaica for 6 weeks where his family live. At the beginning of the trip I only wanted to eat junk like KFC and McDonald's but by the end of it I was in love with all these new foods I’ve never had before. 
I had sugarcane, genips (a sweet fruit similar to grapes) and green oranges, which interestingly are at their sweetest and tastiest when they are green, and not, as you might expect, when they are orange! 
My love of food and travel started there and the trip taught me to be open to trying new things. 

Why did you pick to live in Brighton 
I’m a born and bred Brightonian – a rare being – but I now live out in Hassocks and make the 10-minute commute in every day for my job as a graphic designer. 
I’m lucky to have travelled a lot but I always miss Brighton after long periods away and look forward to coming home. 
I love how creative and alternative the city is. It’s welcoming and inclusive of all sorts of people. Whoever you are you can fit in here. 
Not to mention the hundreds of fantastic independent restaurants and shops. 

Where is your favourite place to go in Brighton, somewhere just to relax? 
Aside from all the places I like to eat... The Pavillion Gardens. Not the busy bit where the café is mind you. The garden at the front is where all the locals go as it's quieter and you get less hassle from the seagulls! 

Now to get hungry... 

What is your ultimate weekend breakfast? Who would cook it? 
My uncle's Jamaican fried breakfast which is pretty much the same as a full English but with the addition of Johnny cakes (fried dumplings) and fried plantain. 

And what is your favourite family recipe? Don’t worry we won’t steal it! 
My mum's ‘Saucy Spaghetti Bolognese’ – it’s one of the very first posts I did and the photography is terrible but the recipe is delicious. 
Our secret ingredient is mushroom ketchup and everyone I've made it for loves it and asks me for the recipe. 

If you could only use one seasoning for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Black pepper brings out the taste of most things so I guess it would have to be that if I can only have one… 

Instagram, has it had a positive/negative impact on what you do? 
Really positive because my photography is my thing and it's a space designed for sharing photos. The community is also a lot friendly. I don't have trolls bothering me there and people tend to encourage each other more. 
I think people are also a lot more creative in that space too so it fuels my own creativity. 
The best Instagram accounts do something unique that means when you see a photo in your feed you instantly know which account it’s from. 
My top 3 food Instagram accounts are @Supergoldenbakes, @beaulubas (both amazing food stylists and photographers) and @millykr (queen of the top down shot and a big restaurant goer.)

Now for the quick fire round… 

Chocolate or cheese? 
Chocolate ALWAYS! 

Tea of coffee? 
Instagram or Twitter? 

Starter or dessert? 

Most overrated or underrated food? 
Dippy soldiers! 

It's your last meal and you get three courses, what do you choose? 
If it’s my last meal I’m not going to cook it myself – I’m going to go out and eat! 
I’d start with English goat’s curd with beetroot, walnut and blood orange at The Gingerman restaurant in Brighton. Followed by G&T chalk stream trout at The Half Moon in Kirdford and finally (because I’m not that into desserts) a steak at Hawksmoor in London. 

You get one final phone call to anyone in the world, who do you call? 
My parents, I would tell them I love them and to spend all their inheritance on a nice holiday and not anything sensible!

What are your 2018 goals? Or something you are looking forward to this year? 
All my goals are all focused on my new job as a graphic designer and not my blog this year but I plan to do more with the design and animations skills I’m learning in my job, in the future. 

DId you see my last post all about one of the business that I think make 'Great Brighton'? 
I was lucky enough to spend the day at Roly's fudge pantry and wrote about it here. 

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