Soft Republick Brighton summer launch

Summer is here, we've had the best heatwave and some cracking TV and now it's time to enjoy the summer and all of the great food that comes along with it. I think that both mine, and most other peoples, favourite summer snack has to be ice cream. I particularly like soft serve, but lately, compared to everything else going gourmet, it has become the last option. Which is where Soft Republick has stepped up. 

Soft Republick is an ice cream parlour/art exhibition and it is perfectly Brighton, from the amazing creations they serve to the beautiful artwork all over the walls.

So what kind of ice cream can you expect at Soft Republick? I went for the graffiti ice cream cone on our most recent visit to the summer launch party. 

Step one: Choose your creation and your ice cream. 

Choose from their six creations; graffiti cones with choc-spray, soft dogs and even espresso cones. Choose between their classic Madagascan vanilla soft serve or the unique black madagascan option.

Step two: Pick one of their choc-spray's. 

I love the unique option of the graffiti cone, one of the options you have to choose from is between yellow lemon, pink rose and blue candy floss. I went for the pink rose, mainly for the colour but it also tasted amazing. 

Step three: The powder and the sauce. 

Pink powder for me and I will forever be a sucker for a caramel sauce, both of which were delicious. Other options other than the graffiti cone can also be topped with these powders and sauces, I'll definitely be trying the passionfruit powder next time. 

Step four; add the toppings. 

There was an amazing selection of toppings to choose from for all of the creations they make. Soft Republick had everything from fresh and freeze-dried fruit to milk chocolate or salted caramel balls, pretzels to popping candy and marshmallows 

The summer launch was a great event and I am excited to head back to Soft Republick again, the ice cream was beautiful to look at and delicious as well. The shop itself is on three levels with each offering more artwork and is a great place not only to enjoy an ice cream but hopefully soon attend art workshops.

Make sure you head down to Duke Street soon to check it out. They are even doing a special Pride ice cream to celebrate this weekend's Brighton pride, anyone dressed as headline act Britney Spears will receive their exclusive pride ice cream for free.

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