Pizza Pop, where pizza meets prosecco

Pizza and prosecco, how could anything be wrong with that? Pizza Pop is a new pizza lounge that has opened just off of London Road. Pizza Pop is a combination of all of the things I love; pizza, prosecco, cocktails and music. 

The Restaurant 

Located just off London Road, Pizza Pop is one of the restaurants in the new wave of 'up and coming London Road'. The restaurant itself is decorated with Mediterranean blues combined with unique touches. I particularly loved the disco balls amongst the live plants in the middle of the room. The restaurant also has a small but cute garden in the back for those sunny days. 

The Drinks

The main concept of the restaurant is pizza-meets-prosecco, however, there are lots of other options for drinks as well. They had a wide selection of italian wines and beer but we chose to start with one of their cocktails; English garden. It was a combination of prosecco, elderflower, gin, mint and cucumber and was delicious. 

The Food

I will be honest, I was sceptical when I initially heard about the restaurant as I had been told it was a Russian concept, but whoever told me that must have been wrong. Traditional Neopolitan pizzas were served to us with perfect levels of leoparding on the base and a delicious tomato sauce. The kitchen itslef was open so I enjoyed watching the chefs hand-make all of the pizzas in the large pizza oven. 

The cheese was perfectly stringy and creamy and great with the tomato sauce. The website states that all of the ingredients used are shipped from Italy so high-quality pizza sauces are to be expected. 

The pizza I went for was the vegetarian; mushrooms, olives, aubergine and artichoke but (just to mix it up) I added salami as well. The vegetables were all perfectly cooked with the right texture; which can often be lost especially with artichokes. The salami was a great addition (if I do say so myself) and added the extra peppery element to the pizza. 

Henry chose the 4 stagioni but without the mushrooms. His pizza base was slightly more cooked than mine but he likes that and I loved the real homemade feel of the pizzas all looking slightly different. Henry loved the pizza and combination of flavours, the artichoke was again cooked well and there was a perfect amount of toppings.

The Service and Atmosphere

The service itself was exceptional, there were only two staff on when we arrived and one of those was the chef, but the service was great. The pizzas were handmade to order so took a little time coming out but nothing to complain about, we (and all of the other tables) were well attended to and the waitress was amazingly good with the children on the table next door. 

The restaurant becomes a music venue later in the evening Thursday-Saturday, we thought that this may mean various bands and live music however on the day we were there a DJ turned up halfway through our meal. The music itself was loud and if you were looking for an intimate meal this isn't the venue for it but it would be a great meal for a large group of friends or before a night out. 

It's also worth mentioning the great deals that they have running throughout the week. On weekdays its only £9.95 for pizza and a glass of prosecco and kids eat free every day. They also offer a free pizza on Mondays and Tuesdays when you buy a bottle of prosecco or wine, and with pizzas, this could its a great offer!

Henry and I will definitely be heading back for lunch.. or on days like today it would be a perfect deliveroo order! 

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