Tropical sushi, Brighton

Fusion food confuses me. Sometimes it's amazing and sometimes it's just not great. So when I was invited down to Tropical Sushi I was sceptically excited- I had only heard good things and with a combination of some of my favourite flavours and foods, I was hoping I would love it. 

The Restaurant and Menu 

The restaurant itself is at the Hove end of Western Road, a perfect place to get to for Brightonians and Hove (actually) people. I loved the decor of the restaurant; a combination of simple seating and beautiful artwork on the wall. All of the food was served on vibrant colourful acrylic boards which added a unique twist.

The menu is set out as an almost flipbook, with sections for everything from starters and bites, to fusion rolls and sushi platters. It was well designed and had options for all dietery requirements. 

The Food

We started our meal with one of their signature fusion dishes, a nori taco which was filled with salmon, avocado, wakame and an eel and spicy mayo sauce. Mine was also served with plantain but my Mum's wasn't. I cannot recommend the taco enough. It was a great flavour combo and I loved the crunch of the taco with the smoothness of the salmon and avocado. The plantain was a lovely surpirse as well, adding a sweetness to the other flavours. 

Next, we had one of their platters. We were given the Amazon's platter which had five different kinds of rolls (four of each) with a couple of alterations to suit Mum's nut and banana allergies.

The first roll on the platter was the Tricolour roll; a combination of salmon and avocado, wrapped in tuna, salmon and avocado. Salmon and avocado is one of my favourite flavours together and this roll was delicious, topped with tempura flakes, there was a great mix of textures.

Next was the Mi Amor roll. This was a king prawn tempura with avocado with a smooth crab topping, it was a flavour I haden't had before but it was a nice creamy addition to the roll. 

The third was Andrea, which was another king prawn tempura roll but topped with king prawn tempura aswell and served with their Fuji sauce. The fourth was The Tropical. This again was a salmon roll but this was definitely my favourite; the most fusion in my opinion, as it was topped with plantain and served with sliced cucumber it was another great flavour combination. 

We also got to try one their vegetarian options which were a combination of tempura vegetable served with inari tofu and a teriyaki drizzle.

The final roll we were served was the Tiger roll. This was a king prawn tempura with avocado but with a crispy nori exterior- it was something I've not seen before and loved the crispy (almost deep fried) texture around the edge.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to Tropical Sushi and so our dishes were a chef's selection. The platter itself had a great combination of flavour but for two was far too much food, I will definitely be returning but my order would be slightly different; with less salmon and more of (for me) their speciality rolls which focus more on the true fusion element. I'm still thinking about the nori taco, it was a standout part. 

We finished with a stunning pineapple ice cream which was beautifully smooth and even came served in a hollowed out pineapple. 

The Allergies 

With short notice they were very accommodating to all of the allergies that we had, making the rolls by hand to order meant that they could make all of the appropriate substitutions. The menu itself offers a lot of different options for different dietary requirements so would be a great place for a large group. 

Mum and I both agreed we can't wait to head back, if you were to head to Tropical Sushi what would you be ordering from their great selection? Let me know in the comments or tag me in your pictures over on instagram

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