A day with...Choccywoccydoodah

If you know Brighton, then you know Choccywoccydoodah; the most extravagant chocolaterie around. Found in the Brighton Laines, Choccywoccydoodah is a Brighton born cake shop that has developed, since opening from a cake shop, to a TV programme and now a cafe experience as well. 

So, of course, it had to be in my Great Brighton series. 

The shop itself is best known for its tiered cakes and can be spotted from afar by its amazing window displays. Changing with the seasons, the window showcases the amazing creations that you can order to buy, or.. head inside and try.

The cafe itself comes in two parts. You can sit in the cafe where they have mismatched chairs and beautiful artwork on the walls and order anything from giant slabs of cake to chocolate fondue, milkshakes to brownie bites. It's a great place to go for a friends day out or to treat someone for a birthday. 

But if you want a real treat then the place to book is the Decadent Cake Garden, which is an immersive experience with a set menu and is an even more beautiful setting to be amongst. I loved the details of the garden, decorated with in-house chocolate creations from miniature dogs to teapots which can all be taken in whilst sat in an amazing garden swing (warning: do not swing after eating all the food, you will be full and it won't be fun!)

Once in the garden, you are greeted with either alcoholic (strawberry and prosecco) or non-alcoholic (strawberry and white chocolate) cocktails and given some time to take in the garden. 

You are then given your first platter of chocolate dipping pots, with everything from honeycomb to strawberries I loved this hands-on part and it's a great sharing platter.

Then you move on to the main event; the cake. You get five different flavours of chocolate cake with one (VERY) generous slice each, lovingly drizzled with their dark, white and milk chocolates and served on a black slate. You can also choose from a drink to have alongside, I went for a delicious Vanilla milkshake.

Henry and I were lucky enough to both be invited to spend the day with Choccy but you really need more people to fully appreciate  it. We were absolutely stuffed after cake but we were given any cake we couldn't handle to take away and enjoy at home.

Choccywoccydoodah is the perfect Brighton mix; extravagant, bespoke, out there but welcoming and delicious! I have fond memories of this shop, even being lucky enough to be gifted a bespoke cake as a child for a party. I always encourage guests to visit if they come down, head up to the Bar du Chocolat or just check out the amazing displays, which is why I have featured Choccywoccydoodah as one of the places that makes 'Great Brighton'.

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  1. Hey, everything shown here is just too nice. Thanks dear for all of these wonderful details. I also would be hosting the grand party for my son’s 18th birthday. We have just booked one of the prettiest roof top San Francisco venues and it will be a food tasting themed event. Just can’t wait for it.


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