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If you know me, then you know how much I love a good ol' cup of tea and my favourite tea brand has to be the Brighton's own Bird & Blend (formally bluebird). So why the love.. and why the change of name? They have put out the long story here but in short, they were challenged for the trademark Bluebird so as of May 2018 they have morphed into Bird and Blend. I went down to the re-brand event yesterday to see if it still was the brand I have come to love. 

I am so happy to say that other than the name, not much has changed. There is still the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of bright colours, smiling faces and delicious smells. With their beautiful range of teas, that they serve both hot and as a cold brew from their cafe and in varying sizes straight from the tin.

Although I went for the rebrand I, of course, tried a selection of their teas and let me tell you, the cold brew Blue raspberry is amazing. Previously I have been sceptical about cold brew teas but Bird & Blend have changed my mind and I will definitely be back to try that and some of their other spring flavours. 

We also tried their hot teas (which I am already familiar, and a big fan of) we went for the new-in peach cobbler because it smells amazing! My mum was gutted that after smelling this she couldn't try it- unfortunately, all of their tea's may contain traces of nuts, but I was assured this is something that they re working on and I have no doubt that's true. 

I am pleased to report that Bird and Blend, although they have had a rename, are still true innovators of tea and a real Brighton company

Shop some of their other amazing flavours here and if you're not Brighton based then don't worry, they have now extended to shops in; Bristol, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Tunbridge Wells. 

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