7 things to see during Brighton Festival 2018

Spring is coming. You can tell from the endless amounts of summer clothes in the shops, the queues forming outside the ice cream parlours and the piles upon piles of Brighton festival and fringe booklets. Each year I try to get to as many events as possible, last year I failed but this year I am getting organised. So here is my top 7 wishlist for the festival, some I have already got tickets for and some I am still waiting to find an event partner. 

Grand Finale 
A dance performed by the Hofesh Shector company, described as a comic, bleak and beautiful performance reflecting the uncertainty and confusion of the troubled times we are living in. I have long been a fan of Hofesh Shector, I studied him and his work in college and since then I have made an effort to follow his work and am so excited to see this. 
5th-6th May

The Exploded Circus
A contemporary circus based upon finding order within chaos and performed by an all-female cast. Beginning with a frozen explosion of a circus and then filled with a mixture of aerial work, juggling and specialist skills. This is actually due to be performed in the Worthing Pavilion theatre, a venue I have not been so but am excited to see.
18th-20th May 

The Enormous Room
As you may notice there is a theme, dance. I love dancing and I especially love watching people dance. So companies that allow anyone to dance are my favourite. Stopgap is one of those companies, a company with both disabled and non-disabled dancers. This performance follows a father and daughter coming to terms with their loss. Whenever I see a piece performed by an inclusive company I am prepared to cry, so I'll definitely be packing the tissues for this piece. 
13th May

A spoken word and theatre piece performed by Yomi Sode. A boy cooks with his mother to find answers about his family. I hadn't seen any spoken word until I went to see the amazing Kate Tempest last year and it blew me away, I am excited to see what else I can find to love in this art form and it starts here. 
10th-11th May

Winner of Best Circus awards at both Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals 2017. I am beyond excited to see this performance; a combination of circus skills and contemporary dancing based on animal instincts. The dancers themselves are going to transform themselves into animals whilst performing amazing circus skills and dance moves. I am ready to be holding my breath throughout.
16th-19th May

The Tempest
I am one of those people, the people who love Shakespeare. Performed in Brighton's open-air theatre, the classic Shakespearean play performed by The Lord Chamberlains Men. An all-male cast performed outside with Elizabethan costume, music and dance
24th-16th May

Another circus performance that I am keen to see, based on history, heritage and traditions and filled with outstanding performances, props and tricks. Performed by NoFit state circus, the UK’s leading large-scale contemporary circus company.
3rd-13th May

Also on the list are these free events:

Pivot, a free installation of a talking see-saw (yeah!) on beach level 
5th-27th May
Sense of Unity, an illuminated puppet show around the streets of Brighton
26th of May
Shut down, a film installation of six screens filled with movement, spoken word and rap
9th-27th May

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