23 thoughts everyone has at the dentist

Let's make it clear, I hate the dentist. I hate almost everything about it; the smell, the people, the pain, the chair.. it all makes me feel uncomfortable. Which is why when I do visit it always means a long appointment and some time in their chair. But whilst in that chair, your mind wanders.... 
  1. I mean that's just an x-ray of my teeth I have no idea what you're pointing at
  2. Why are you trying to hide, I know you have a needle
  3. And what are all these other torture instruments for?
  4. I can't take a deep breath you are in my mouth
  5. Why do I need bug goggles?
  6. If this chair keeps going back I am going to slip off the edge
  7. If I pass out, will you carry on and just wake me when it's done?
  8. Where do I put my hands?
  9. Does there really need to be two of you in my mouth, I can't have that many teeth
  10. Why are you wearing a spit shield?
  11. Oh that's why
  12. Why is there a hoover going in my mouth.. surely I need some of that?
  13. Where do I put my tongue?
  14. Annnnnd your hoover is stuck to my cheek
  15. This ceiling is ugly
  16. If I was a dentist I would definitely put entertainment on the ceiling
  17. OWWWWW
  18. You are so close to me, I'm glad you don't smell
  19. This chair could not be going back up slower
  20. How long do I rinse for? The whole cup
  21. I don't know what you're saying the blood is returning to my ears... and now my legs
  22. How much?
  23. I am going to brush my teeth 16 times a day so I never have to come back here!

What are your thoughts on the dentist?
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