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As you may or may not know in March I launched BB Events; a bi-monthly event to allow bloggers to socialise and network with other bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers based in Brighton. 
Last time we went for Brunch at the beautiful Six and this time we decided to go for cocktails and the award-winning Plotting Parlour. 

We were lucky enough to be able to have our first evening event at The Plotting Parlour in Steine Street, which has won Brighton's best bar and was recently voted Brighton's best barkeep in the Brighton's best awards. We were hosted in the private room which is beautifully decorated and even has its own private entrance and separate bar. I loved the 'Harry Potter' feel of the room with the rustic arches and twinkling lights.

We had the selection of 5 of their cocktails (to be seen soon on their summer menu) which varied from classic combinations like strawberry and cream and a more out-there option of pickled asparagus. Each drink was £8 and was delicious! I went for the 5th option which was a combination of strawberry, gin, cream, basil and lemon. I loved the other combinations as well, which included their 'malt drink' inspired combo of whiskey, oats, malts and beer and a bloody mary inspired drink including vodka, red pepper and tomato with spices. 

It was so great to have a combination of bloggers and YouTubers that haven't met before. We were able to try drinks, socialise with new people and even have a chat about the trials and tribulations of being a part-time blogger. I can't wait for the next event, which will be another brunch event in the Brighton area. If you have any ideas for future events or would like to be involved make sure to let me know via Instagram or email.

Would you like to come to the next event? Make sure you follow me on Instagram @brightonbbblog or sign up to our mailing list here.  

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