Terre A Terre, Brighton

First of all, I want to apologise. I am sorry to 'past me' for not trying Terre a Terre before. I have always enjoyed vegetarian food and love the atmosphere of the Brighton laines so I have no idea why it has taken me so long! Tucked away on East Street this Brighton vegetarian restaurant is now high up on my must-visit list...

The Restuarant and Service

For the outside, the restaurant looks small but once in it is deceptively big. With an open bar and a large amount of seating, the restaurant was busy but welcoming. Unfortunately, on the day we went, it was horrible weather but I can't wait to head back in the summer to enjoy their outdoor space.

The service by all staff was stand out! We were talked through the menu thoroughly and welcomed to ask any questions. With the choice of set menus, ala carte and even an afternoon menu, there is plenty of choice. I really loved that it was an individual approach; we were given recommendations and welcomed to order as we wanted- we actually shared a main to start and then a starter as a main.

The Food

To start (which is actually a main dish) we went for the 'Sneaky Peeking' steamers. With four steamed rice buns it was a great size to share. The buns are stuffed with schezuan marinated halloumi and ginger bok choy. Served with a selection of pickles and sauces it was a perfect mix of flavour and texture. I loved the cloud like the quality of the buns with the crunchy bok choy, and the pickled watermelon was something I had never had before but would definitely have again.

For our main meal, we had the sharing platter for the starters section. Due to allergies, ours was actually slightly different to their usual combination. The first of which was their buttermilk soaked halloumi cooked in chip shop batter. The combination of the creamy halloumi with the sharp mash and pickled quails egg was stunning; it actually comes as a main dish which I will definitely have again. 

I was really excited for the KFC (Korean fried cauliflower) and although the tastes were great, as someone who likes a bit of bite to her cauliflower it lacked that extra texture for me. 

Next we had the polenta balls stuffed with mozzarella, a great combination of flavours again and the crunchy outside added that extra element. We also had some polenta and corn cakes served with a deliciously creamy avocado side- a winning combination of flavours (I even saved one and took it home with me!)

Finally, we had crispy fried lavish bread which was served with a salt lemon skordalia and charred aubergine zhuganoosh. A new one for me but I loved it, the bread was a little greasy but the zhuganoosh was an amazing combination I hadn't tried before. 

With two of each option on the plate, it was a great size to share and we both left feeling really full. 

Much to my disappointment, we ended up skipping on pudding because we were just too full- I had my heart set on the 3 or 4 but the lemon and lime tart was calling to me. We did take away a few of their Terre a Terre truffles. They had a mix of sweet options to take away but we both went for the Salted caramel truffles, which I devoured the next day. They were amazing!

The Allergies 

For this review I teamed up with my old review partner Fanny, who as some of you may remember has a nut and seed allergy. We let the waiters know this whilst ordering and they were fantastic. With each recipe to hand they were able to identify any dishes that we couldn't have and then we chose from the rest. The sharing platter (which we had our hearts set on) had a few components we couldn't have but the staff and head chef were amazing- making changes to the platter to make sure we had a great selection of food.

I was so impressed with both the service and the food and I can honestly say I will be heading back very soon- I need to try those cinnamon sugar spiced dusted doughnut straws!!

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All of these stunning pictures were taken by the amazing Fanny Beckman. 

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