Handmade chocolate workshop

So it's time for the craft post again. 
I am really trying to stick to this resolution and I have been enjoying searching Pinterest for different crafts and ideas- so when my friend Sofaya found a chocolate making workshop, I couldn't say no! The workshop was actually advertised on the app Wriggle and at just over £20 for early bird tickets, it seemed like a great idea.

The workshop itself was run by Cheeky Cacao at the North Laine and boasts all vegan, all organic Peruvian cacao chocolate. When you arrive, the table is fully set up and there is already cacao butter melting away on the mini stoves. The cacao butter was something I hadn't smelt before but it was everything you'd imagine...and more. 

You are provided with not only all the ingredients, tools and an apron but we even got a glass of prosecco each. 

We began by hearing the history of not only chocolate but the processes involved in making it! There are so many little intricacies involved in the making and growing of chocolate, including the history behind it. It was fascinating- did you know that the Aztecs use to get high off of a cacao based drink that they made themselves?

After the information sharing, some tasting and a Q&A, it was time to cook!

We added agave syrup to the melted cacao 'butter' and stirred it until it melted. We then added the cacao powder which was made from the Peruvian nibs that we had been able to try previously. Then it was time for the fun part; have you ever seen chocolatiers scraping and swooshing chocolate across a marble board? Well, that's what we got to do and it was so fun! It was called tempering and there is so much science behind why it is done but I can tell you, I loved it!

This process was repeated a few times and then we were free to pour our chocolate into moulds and top. There was such a great range of toppings provided; coconut sugar to lavender, salt to even rose petals! I went for a mix of all of the ones I liked and then we left it to set.

Next, we made truffles. After adding rice milk to our remaining tempered chocolate we piped and shaped the truffles, and then covered in cacao powder which had been mixed with cinnamon.

I can't recommend this course enough. The workshop itself was fun and interactive and I definitely came away with more than I thought. And it helps that the chocolate you make is delicious. 

Head over to Cheeky Cacao's website to find out more about their workshops, events and products! They are doing a Valentines workshop soon so grab tickets while you can!

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