Blogger essential kit

The new year is both my favourite and least favourite time of year. I hate the pressure of New Year's Eve but I love the buzz around resolutions, and now we are almost at the end of January I am trying to keep my 8 resolutions going! To help with this my mum brought me the best present for Christmas. Dot Creates Blogger Essentials Box. 

It included this amazing blog planner. Which helps me to plan content, pictures and dates for publishing. But it also came with a smaller notepad versions, these cute stickers to keep me inspired and some great quote cards which I am sure will be making an appearance on the blog (or instagram) soon.

I am already really excited about content and events coming up through my blog in 2018!
I am hoping that using this will help me to get that little bit more organised for blog posts but also other project coming up too.

So whilst I am getting organised, what kind of content would you like from me this year? 
Let me know in the comments

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