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Do you ever wish you could talk to your younger self? I wrote a post yesterday with a letter to my teenage self, but in reality we don't really get the chance to hear the voice of your younger self..UNLESS you find an old blog. I had completely forgotten about my very first blog, and when i stumbled across it this morning I realised it would  be great to share. So here are some snippets from my 18 year old selfs blog:

"So this is the first line of my first blog and I feel I should write something thought provoking, inspiring or even sensual...Hello I'm Amara and I'm 18 years old. 
I go to college but its complicated , I love to dance but its complicated, I love my friends but its complicated ,I love my family but they're complicated. 
This is my life. Its complicated."

""Its funny. When I was like 15 all I wanted to do was get older. Now I am and I can do anything I want. I'm legally an adult. And Ive never felt more like a kid in my life get me?"(Lexi in Adulthood) 
Well that's it, its all over. 
College is done and finished with and I am still not sure how I feel. I have been praying for this for about 6 months now; the days I don't have to drag myself out of bed to go in for yet another day of torture. Extreme I know. 
I did love college in the beginning, that sense of apparent freedom and the independence to wear whatever i wanted, on my breaks go wherever I wanted and finally having the options to only do the lessons I loved. Well that sense of freedom soon wore off; the letters home from missed lessons and deadlines that still had to be met. The lessons id chosen began to grow more and more dull and the buzz of college life became a distant memory. 
But now its done, finished and I am surprisingly not as happy as I was before. Don't get me wrong the idea of finishing college is amazing. I never have to go back to that building again (other than the dreaded exams) and I will never have to reply to another email from my tutor but what does finishing college mean? 
I'm an 18 year old who has finished full time education. The world is my oyster...the world is a massive ocean and I'm now bobbing along..Ive finished college, I'm officially an adult.  
The quote from Adulthood that I attached earlier was how I felt at the moment when I left my finally lesson. I can do whatever I want, I'm into uni but I have no obligation to go. I have a part time job, I could make it full time. I can do whatever I want. 
Anyone else think that's the scariest prospect ever?"

There were a few other posts that I will share soon, its mostly quotes, pictures and talking about dance but it was so much fun to have a look through and reminisce- and remember to enjoy the moment because you never know whats around the corner! Keep an eye out for my Letter to my teenage self post. 

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