Making my own Magnum ice-cream

This Saturday, Henry and I decided to head into London for a last minute day trip. We decided to wander around a couple of places and head to somewhere very exciting after lunch: The Magnum pop up 'pleasure store'. Essentially a pop-up store based near Covent Garden in which you can design your own Magnum ice cream from a selection of chocolates and toppings- amazing right? 

Unfortunately, it is only a pop-up and is only around for a short amount of time; this one is open until September 10th so if you're in the area make sure you head down.

The steps are simple. First, you decide if you want to go single or double; for £2 extra you can have a second layer of chocolate on your ice cream. You then pick three of the toppings that you want. I was really impressed with the selection of toppings and with each one having their own scoop, it is great from an allergy point of view. 

I went for a single with milk chocolate, salted caramel balls, white chocolate shavings and dried raspberry. There was a great selection there, from almond and pistachio to sea salt and chocolate balls. 
These are then put into a container and taken to the ice cream assembly section. 

You can pick from classic, white or dark chocolate. They dip the already set ice cream into the chocolate and then lay into a box which already has half of your toppings in. They then spread the toppings out on top and add the drizzle of chocolate; your choice of milk, dark or white. 

Lovingly finished with the Magnum branding, your ice cream is served. They advise you to wait a couple of minutes for the ice cream to set, but by the time you take pictures it's ready to eat. 

It's not the most beautifully posed picture, but I was so excited to eat the ice cream that I didn't want to wait! Plus it was a really hot day and this was the perfect way to cool down!
 Let me know which flavours you would have gone for in the comments below.

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  1. Wow....this is the complete pack of delicious recipes. I liked your blog. milk chocolate is looking yummmm. potato olives and feta cheese salad


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