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There is no such thing as too many chocolate shops! Which is why when the new Be Chocolat opened in the laines in Brighton I was so excited. The shop is a handmade chocolate shop not only selling handmade chocolate and personalised chocolate selection boxes, but also a menu filled with delicious hot chocolate and milkshakes. Even selling dairy free and vegan options, and catering to a range of other dietary requirements. 

I loved that not only did the shop have all of the chocolate on display; from crafted pieces and chocolate chips, to beautifully rustic slabs and shards. But also the master chocolateriers were right there in the shop, working away on the creations. Producing beautiful food but also an amazing smell that hits you as soon as you walk in the shop.

Be Chocolat kindly gifted me with one of their chocolate selection boxes; you can pick from a selection of chocolates which are packed in a handmade box by one of the amazing staff; sporting a very beautiful white glove. 

They then have a choice of stamps for you to personalise the box or a card for inside the box wihich including my favourite;  I LOVE BTN. 

I was lucky enough to receive white chocolate discs and double checker milk chocolate coins, almond and hazelnut topped milk chocolate and some dark chocolate caramels. And finally the most amazing white chocolate and pink marshmallow chocolate lollipop!

My favourite was definitely the double decker milk chocolate disc. I can't wait to head back down there soon to try one of their menu items; you can't go wrong with a hand crafted chocolate milkshake. Let me know if you decide to head down there and tag me in any pictures!

All of the chocolate was complimentary however views are my own, and you all know that's true because I love me some chocolate!

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