16 thoughts everyone has watching Masterchef

As with every foodie in the UK I absolutely love food programmes. After the recent loss of my favourite baking programme, Masterchef has quickly gone to the top of my list, and after meeting a few contestants at Foodie Festival a few weeks ago, I love it even more! But for a cooking programme I can sometimes find it a little intense; anyone else finds themselves shouting at the TV? 

I know I'm not alone in some of these thoughts...

  1. Oh I'm from there, we should support her
  2. He's going to be bad... I can feel it
  3. Well I know what I would cook
  4. Ooh don't make that you'll never have time
  5. Stop flirting Greg
  6. That doesn't look cooked to me
  7. Nice presentation!
  8. I wonder if they are eating this cold?
  9. Maybe I will try and make that at home
  10. Well, you're definitely going out, how do you undercook a carrot?
  11. Maybe I should go on this, I could definitely do better
  12. Professional kitchens look ridiculous
  13. How do you not know what that veg/meat/sauce is??
  14. Why is he shouting at me so much... this is stressful
  15. Maybe I shouldn't go on this
  16. I am way too emotionally invested in these people!

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