The blogs 6 month anniversary

People say that time flies when you are having fun, but equally, time flies when you are doing something that you love. I have been lucky enough to be running this blog for 6 months and I have loved it all. I started this blog back in November with the aim to get into the practice of writing regularly and doing something that I love, just for me. 2017 was going to be the year to challenge myself and to do things for me; this blog has been that thing. 
So in the celebration of half a year of writing, I wanted to share some of my highlights so far:

The Coal Shed

We were invited along to the coal shed last month, for a meal for two in exchange for a review and we absolutely loved it. There are rarely meals out that I go to that I cannot fault a thing I eat but this was it, we were lucky enough to have four courses and a couple of drinks. It was great to be able to champion a local restaurant chain that serves such great food.

Foodies festival

April bank holiday weekend was spent at the amazing Foodies festival with the Brighton Girl photography Fanny Beckman. I was lucky enough to go along as part of Brighton Girl as a VIP and it was a great experience; I love everything about the foodie festival from the food and drink to the perfect Brighton atmosphere... and to be able to do that with the perks of VIP was great, even in the horrendous weather. 

Brighton Girl

I am so glad that I finally got the confidence to go along to a Brighton Girl meet up in January. I have been lucky enough to attend meet-ups and meetings and written a few pieces for the website, even being invited to write their review for The Salt room. Brighton girl isn't just an online magazine but it really is a community; filled with like-minded, supportive and empowering women who I have already learnt so much from, and can't wait to see and get involved with more!

Trip to Amsterdam

I absolutely love to travel, I love the excitement of the travelling and immersing yourself in other cultures. And let's not forget the food. At the beginning of this year, Henry and I went on a short trip to Amsterdam and it was great. I loved being able to come home and write about it, to relive all of the pictures and foods. And through the blog, I can now look back at the experience whenever I am feeling those holiday blues. 

Those cheeky page views

For a few months I actually kept this blog to myself, but with a little more confidence I put it on facebook and started to promote my blog. Which has led to some of the proudest moments I have had, mainly I want to say Thank you. Each and every page view, Instagram like or follow makes me smile and feel proud of something that I have made. I have loved not only having people read what I have to say and trying my recipes but also talking to other bloggers and readers as well. 

And to make sure the next six months is still full of sharing and talking make sure to comment below with the links to your blogs.

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