2017 Travel Wishlist update

In January of this year I set myself 5 New Years resolutions. As with all resolutions, a lot of them I drifted away from and only a few I decided to stick to. But in the interest of getting back on track as summer creeps closer, I thought I would do a few posts revisiting how far I've got. 

First; Travel more.

Out of my travel checklist, I have managed to go to tick off:


I went here for one reason and one reason only, Chester Zoo. Over the easter holidays, alongside Henry and his family, we made the drive from Shrewsbury to Chester.  After watching Secret life of the zoo I had high expectations for the Zoo and it didn't disappoint! The park itself was beautiful and I was able to see all of the animals I wanted and more.

Check out my post here for more pictures.


This was another part of the Easter holidays trip up north; Henry and I stayed with his parents for a couple of days. It was such a nice little getaway to Henry's hometown; I even managed to see his childhood home and visit a couple of local pubs. We also visited a National Park with the most beautiful views and a natural running stream through the park. 


We ended up heading off to Amsterdam in mid-February. I have been before with the girls but as a couple, it was a completely different thing. We got to see so many more of the sites and stayed on an opposite side of the city; right next to Vondelpark.

I loved it so much I actually wrote two posts on What we ate and What we saw


Henry and I seem to head to London every year for one reason or another; this year it was for an extra special reason- a baby shower! One of Henry's closest friends is having a baby at the end of May and we headed up for their baby shower in Brixton. So we can fit in as much as possible we actually travelled up early for a morning stroll along Oxford Street before heading along for amazing snacks and fun games!! 

There are still a few that I haven't managed to get to, and some others that have been added to the list. For the reasons for all of the places and the list check out my original 'Travel Wishlist 2017' post here

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