Easter trip to Wales

Easter for me is about two things; Food and Family. This Easter holidays my mum and I decided to take a well overdue trip to Wales to see my grandparents for four days. They live out in the country in a house with a name longer than my address, but I absolutely love it here. They have actually been featured on the TV show Gardeners world for their beautiful garden so I thought it would be rude not to show you lot some pictures...

On the second day we decided to do a day trip to a local village called Port Meirion. A small seaside village in North Wales inspired by an Italian village and the most instagrammable place I have seen in Wales! It included small shops, Chinese inspired gardens and a 'train' that went through the 'forest' at the tops of the hill.

Are you heading anywhere for the Easter holidays? Let me know in the comments below or @brightonbbblog


  1. It looks idyllic. What proud gardeners your grandparents are too. That veggie plot is so tidy!

    1. It was perfect! The veggie plot was my favourite, I can't wait until I have a garden and my own plot!


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