Allergy friendly Easter Bakes

Happy (allergy conscious) Easter! 

Following on from pancake day, Easter is one of my favourite holidays. Not for the religious reasons (or the two weeks that I get off) but because of all of the amazing food that you get to eat. However, for people with allergies, it can be really hard to find a good 'holiday-related' treat around this time. So this post is for you...

There was a lot of debate about whether or not to add the raisins to this recipe in our house! Feel free to leave them out if you're on team NO RAISINS! For the icing we used apple and ginger juice but plain apple or orange will work great too!

If you want to add something extra I made the stalks by combining white chocolate and green icing sugar and leaving to set in the freezer for around an hour. 

The recipe makes a cake with enough servings for 6.

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