Chester Zoo; I saw a Penguin!

Like so many other people, I have been absolutely loving The Secret life of the Zoo and when the plans came up to head to Wales and Shrewsbury for the Easter holidays I was so excited to finally be close enough to take a visit to Chester Zoo. 
We went with Henry's parents, sister and her boyfriend on Easter Sunday; picnic in hand and phone fully charged.

I was definitely expecting it to be rammed full but due to the massive size of the zoo, and the great organisation, we were able to see everything without queues or waiting (except to see the baby Giraffe - so cute!!) 

I was definitely most excited to see elephants, giraffes and penguins.. and none of them disappointed! I was so excited for the baby elephants and penguins I actually didn't take any pictures (oops) but there will be some videos over on my Instagram! 

I think my unexpected favourite was the butterflies. I am not a big fan of anything that can fly but the butterfly area was magical; it was heated to keep the tropical environment for the butterflies, and they were all free flying around the area, even landing on you once or twice- top tip wear light blue, they seem to really like that colour as it's the colour of the keepers' uniforms.

The visit was everything that I expected and more, it was definitely a full day trip and I will be going back to see it all again. We timed it all brilliantly so saw most of the things but I'd love to be able to spend some more time with some of the animals! For now, I will have to just look after the little souvenirs that I got at the end of the day

(After the very sassy one year old Elephant we saw)
(After the two week old Giraffe that we saw, we were lucky enough to see him go outside from distance and then up close when they were inside being fed!)

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