5 Netflix series I am loving

Firstly, what the hell is going on with this weather? We seemed to be see-sawing between the height of summer and the depths of autumn BUT in all weather, there is something that I will always love...There is nothing I love more than a good tv binge and what better place to do that than on Netflix. 

Henry and I have differing views on what constitutes 'good' tv so this is what I binge watch when Henry is at band practice or during those sweet sweet school holidays (4 lessons and an inset day left!! Not to rub it in)

The Vampire Diaries

Okay, so I fully realise I am late to the party with this one and the final series has just come up- NO SPOILERS- but I am so gutted that I am only finding it now. For anyone else who was under the same rock as me, it's an American series based on an orphaned girl called Elana and the two vampire men that love her. I realise it doesn't sound great but its easy viewing, with constant cliffhangers and a hint of supernatural (which I love)

How to get away with murder

As you may have seen on my inspirational women's post I absolutely love Viola Davis, and her role in this series is just perfect. I actually binge watched this a while ago all the way to series three but they have just uploaded series to Netflix and I am rewatching. Based on a group of college law students and their teacher/mentor, with a combination of cases to solve and their own murder to be involved in its a great watch- with some really strong female characters in too!

Doctor Who

You can't go wrong with a bit of old school Doctor Who; a series about a time-traveling time lord and his companions and adventures along the way. I love to stick this on on a Sunday whilst I bake or blog away, it's easy watching with light humour and a bit of drama. Full of monsters and mystery and sometimes a kinda sorta love story. Everyone has their 'favourite doctor' but mine has to be David Tenant! New series on BBC coming soon...

Once upon a time 

For any of the full grown Disney fans out there! Based on an American town trapped by a curse and a woman (Emma) who is brought there to help them. With appearances from Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel and even Jiminy Cricket. They have just started adding the second half of series six so there is plenty to catch up on.

RuPauls drag race

It's just amazing! Its a competition organised and judge by Ru Paul and some all-star guests where FIERCE drag queens compete each week in different competitions; ending with a runway of their amazing costumes. Some of the best outfits I have ever seen, mixed with amazing makeup, shocking acting and catty fights!

Also, a cheeky shout-out is needed for all of these that weren't featured but have a very special place in my heart.

Breaking bad/ Making a murderer/ Project runway/ Orange is the new black/ Luther

Let me know if you have any series recommendations @brightonbbblog or comment below

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