My Travel Wishlist for 2017

Resolution #1 Travel More

I am excited for 2017 for so many different reasons, but travelling is definitely the top reason for me. When I was younger I never wanted to travel, but as I get older, the world keeps changing and I want to see as much of it as I can (and maybe while I can). I have been lucky enough to travel to a few countries with my family and friends but now I'm looking a bit closer to home. Here is my top 10 travel wishlist for 2017:

Top 5 Places I would love to travel in the UK in 2017

  1. Chester
    Blame Secret Life of the Zoo for this one. I absolutely loved this programme throughout 2016 and can't wait to go there for myself, and see if it is as amazing as it seems on the TV. But mainly to see the penguins.

  2. Shrewsbury
    This is actually somewhere that I have been to before. Both my grandparents, a couple of uncles and Henry's family live up here, and as part of one of my other resolutions, seeing family is going to be high up in our priorities this year. It's a beautiful town with a mix of country walks and small town shopping; a perfect combination for a long weekend away.

  3. Liverpool
    I have no specific reason for this, it's just somewhere that I have never been and I would love to go. I always see pictures of this city and it looks amazing; with architecture, culture and nightlife!

  4. Edinburgh
    No shock for this one; I want to go to the Fringe festival. As a Brightonion I love the Fringe festival that we hold yearly. The streams of street acts that appear on jubilee street, the live shows you would never think to go to and the open air events throughout the city. And what I want to see is how they do this somewhere else; we are hoping to find an airbnb and go up for a weekend (as we have heard this is the best time to go) and I can't wait to experience something new.

  5. London
    For no reason other than I absolutely love it; it has been a place that Henry and I have visited each year that we have been together for varying reasons. We have been to many of the tourist attractions but there are still a few places to see... and mainly a whole lot more places that I'd like to eat at! 
Places I would love to travel outside of the UK in 2017

  1. Amsterdam
    I actually went here at the beginning of 2016 for a friend's 21st person and have wanting to get back since. It obviously has some key things that everyone associates with it, but it truly is a beautiful city as well. Last time we stayed pretty centraly and this time I can't wait to see a bit more of the city itself. There are also some key touristy things that we missed out on like Anne Frank's house and something that I cannot explain my excitement for; a cheese museum!!

  2. Berlin
    This stems purely from jealousy; a close friend of both mine and Henry's went here on a spur of the moment trip in 2016 and it looked amazing. I would love to get here just to soak up all of culture. From the rich history and museums to the artistic side, that if I am honest I didn't know much about. After seeing our friend's amazing pictures of the small communities and bold street art I can't imagine how much there'll be to take in!

  3. Italy
    Why do I want to visit? Yes the culture, yes the architecture and history but let's be honest; it's the food. I have always dreamt of getting out to Rome and sitting outside a restaurant eating authentic Italian food, sipping a glass of red wine and watching the city pass by. I have always loved Italy; The language, history, food, and overall culture. Maybe I am a cliche, and Eat Pray Love inspired this, but I love it all the same. Which is why it sits firmly on my wishlist of 2017... Oh think of the pizza! 

  4. Greece 
    Henry and I were lucky enough to go Barcelona for our first holiday abroad together in 2016 and we absolutely loved it; it has a great combination of beach and city. Although we were only there for four days we managed to see so much... So this year we want to do the exact opposite for our big holiday. I'm thinking lots of food, lots of sitting on a beach and maybe a cocktail or 10.

  5. France 
    Two words; Food and Disney!
    Need I say more. 


  1. Loved this post! Edinburgh is such a stunning city, I'd love to visit again at some point during 2017 too :)

    1. Thank you! I am really hoping to get there this year, any other recommendations let me know!!


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