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So my third resolution is to read more. When I was in school I loved to read, but university and the mandatory reading list put me off my past time and I got out of the habit. But as part of my continuing resolution to Hygge more.. and to have more me time, this is something I am going to try to do. I have picked 5 books that I want to read in the next three months (plus one I am just recommending to others) and I will pick another group in 3 months time. 

Gayle Forman
This actually comes from a recommendation from the Zoella book club. The book is about a friend discovering the story of her best friends suicide and the people that she meets on the way. This is more of a teen fiction book but I really enjoy the easy reading of a book like this, the story sounds like a lot like a mystery and I expect to read it pretty quickly.

Roald Dahl
With the 100 years since his birth in 2016 there was a lot of television programmes and articles about the man himself. I have always loved the work of Roald Dahl; this birthday I actually went to a dining experience based upon The Twits which was amazing! It involved both foods from the books but also a continuous theatre performance. As I have got older I have wanted to know more about Roald Dahl and his life; these stories do exactly that. 

Cheryl Strayed
I have heard a lot of good things about this book so it was high up on my to-read list. The book has actually been made into a film starring Reese Witherspoon, but I plan on reading the book before watching the film as I always feel that the books aren't good (except for maybe the Potter films). I love a good self-discovery book and I am hoping this lives up to the likes of Eat, Pray, Love.

Kit De Waal
This was actually brought my mum, when she saw it in the Radio 2 book club. She brought it for her and I to read at the same time, so this is going to have to wait for her to return from her holiday in Mexico (no you're bitterly jealous!) This book is about 'a heartbreaking story of love, identity and learning to overcome unbearable loss'. I know that this is going to be a crier but I am excited to read it anyway!

Meik Wiking
So, as you will have seen in the post before I have actually read half of this already. But I had to have it on here as it needs to be read by others. As with every 20 something in 2017 I am obsessed with the idea of hygge and I have found this book the perfect opener.  It is full of tips not just for Hygge but just for happiness. 

Nicola Yoon
Okay, so I have already read this but I just thought I would sneak it in because it is an absolute must read- I have already lent this book out twice since I read it at the end of the year (which is why it isn't in the picture above)! The story is about a young girl who is stuck in her house, allergic to the world and the boy next door that she falls in love with. It is another recommendation of the Zoella WhSmith book club and actually my favourite from that selection.

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Let me know what's on your reading list for this year, and any book recommendations you have!

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