20 thoughts every girl has at her first Body Combat class

Its nearly the end of January and lets be honest the resolutions are starting to slip. Is it too cold? I am craving carbs? Did I forgot how stressful my job is and how much I need sugar? I have had all those thoughts just today so I am trying something new..classes. Luckily at my gym there are loads of great class options throughout the day and alongside my mum i have been trying them all (with varying levels of stress)...this is how body combat went.
  1. Crap! Whats my code for the gym
  2. I wonder if anyone has ever got stuck in one of these 24 hour gym pods
  3. Back....get to the back
  4. Why is there piles of mats around the edge of the room? Is this going to be one of those great classes where you lie down for the whole thing?
  5. NOO it is definitely is not! This warm up may kill me! How much longer...43 minutes! 
  6. I'm going to die
  7. Okay punching is okay, I can do this...
  8. Why does my left hand not do what its told?! 
  9. I'm definitely going to hit the lady in front of me
  11. That lady has gloves, should I get gloves?
  12. Kicking. This is okay! WAIT Backwards, I am definitely going to fall on my face or kick this wall.
  13. Oooh I like this song... and I have no idea what is happening? What are you doing? My arms do not move that fast!
  14. I'm not sure I'm angry enough for "PRETEND YOUR PUNCHING SOMONE IN THE HEAD"
  16. Oh cool down, I was just getting into this
  17. Oh no abs. Definitely abs! Does anyone else feel like a seal.. or some sort of goldfish flapping about on a side. No? Everyone taking this quite seriously? Just me then?
  18. What are you doing now. Is it okay to sit up and look or is that going to make me look like some sort of creepy meerkat 
  19. If I just lie really still she won't see that I'm not doing anything because my head feels like it may pop!
  20. Okay actually cool down time...and now we're clapping. Well thats nice! Excuse me while I go and be sick now
*Books onto class the following week*

Let me know if you have suffered..and then loved a body combat class or any other class in the gym you would recommend @brightonbb_

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