My Lush valentines wish list

Anyone who knows me knows that I love myself a good lush bath. After a stressful week there's nothing I love more than a long soak in a bath, podcast playing and maybe a class of wine on the side. Now that we are finally in February, the big V day is coming and Lush have launched a beauty of a valentines campaigns; not only are the products amazing with some brand new designs and amazing scents but the actual campaign was a breath of fresh air! Featuring same-sex couples enjoying the products and being in love.

I'm patiently waiting for this week to do a big lush haul, but for now here is what's on my wish list:

Unicorn Horn (Bubble bar)
They'e real..
Who doesn't want a big of magic in the bath; rainbow unicorn magic as well!
This is returning favourite, unicorn bubble bar promises a scent of lavender and ylang-ylang. I'm slightly concerned that the rainbow is going to result in a sort of brown slugh of a bath but I am still excited for the magic!

Rose Bombshell (Bath bomb)
Drop a bombshell
I won’t lie this is the one I am most excited about! Smelling of Rose and letting off actual yellow rose petals this is a beautiful pink bath bomb. Its ingredients include rose oil and sea salt; both of which are really great for my skin.

Two hearts beating as one (Bath melt)
Heart crossed lovers..
I am new to using bath bombs but they honestly make a bath an absolute dream; it makes me skin feel amazing when I get out and it makes the water feel so much better. I always tend to use half at once rather than the whole thing.. Just because I like to make it last. This one is scented with rose and ylang ylang as well, with a hint of cocoa butter and almond oil as well. 

Cupid (Bath bomb)
A sure fire way to send hearts a quiver..
Easily the most blog looking product that they have released this heart shaped bath bomb; with hints of rose and violet leaf. I won’t let I am hoping for the smell of Palma violets and sweeties but we will see. The bright colours can only produce a valentines worthy bath 

Special mention:

Lover lamp (Bath Bomb)
They call me Mr Bombastic..

I absolutely love the look of this one. It’s so simple but I think it looks amazing. It didn't make it onto the wish list for the simple reason that I can't use it; it is one of the few products in Lush that I can't use because of the use of orange in the ingredients. It smells and looks amazing though so anyone that can have Orange please buy this for me... 

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