My top 10 Octoberbest Wishlist

It's October Best time! 

For those of you who don't know, October best is a Brighton based restaurant festival celebrating the top 20 restauarnts as nominted by a pnel of foodies and experts. Each year the festival runs for around two weeks with each restaurant offering £20 menus to be enjoyed at both lunch and dinner time.

This year the festival has added an additional _ restuarants that just missed o
ut on the top spot so there's even more to look forward to! So to help narrow down your options these are the restaurants on the top of my wishlist this month... 

At the time of writing this these restaurants had not already sold out. Chilli Pickle, Chard and Halisco (amongst others) had already sold out so I won't be mentioning their menus.. although they are definitely somewhere to try to get to for a special occasion another time!

Bincho Yakitori
Still one of my absolute favourite places to eat in Brighton, it had to make it on the list! This year their menu is available Tuesday-Thursday 6 to 10 and is a set menu for £20 each. Some of the dishes include Salmon tataki, pork ribs and a chicken and butter garlic rice which sounds delicious!

So a slightly different method for these guys this year. They are running their menu purely through ticket winners; a £20 nine-course tasting menu will be won for 20 people to enjoy this month so keep an eye on their social media this month!

Baby Bao
I am so excited for Baby bao's menu this year, and it's great to see a smaller more casual venue make the list. Baby Bao is a kitchen run out of The pond, a pub just down for Brighton station and is a great spot but it does have limited seating. Their menu offering is a selection of four dishes including pulled beef shin bao and soy sesame roasted aubergine which will be served Tuesday-Thursdays. They are also having a vegan menu only day on Monday 14th 12-2 and 2-3pm which has a great looking jackfruit bao and a mushroom kara-age among other dishes.  

Fourth and Church 
Dirty martini with small plates for £20, you really can't go wrong. Fourth and Church is one of those menus that I always mean to go to but have never made it down, so I am hoping to change that this year. There menu has a range of dishes to choose from but I'm loving the look of the green tea-poached monkfish and the salt cod croquettes! With a serving time of 12-5pm this is a Monday-Thursday offer.

Petit Pois
So I am actually waiting on an evening cancellation so I can get a table during the festvial to Petit pois so I'm a litle relucant to share.. but I will! A monday-Friday 12-7 menu will be served as this beautiful small french restaurant in Brighton Laines. With a choice of marinated salmon and fennel or kintoa ham croquette to start you know this menu is going to be full of flavours and stand out dishes!

Fatto A Mano 
How can I not mention my favourite pizza restauarnt in Hove, and with one of the best value for money dishes is a must visit (it's walk in onlys so you need to get organised). The offer from Fatto this month is a Monday-Thursday all day option of two starters and two pizzas for just £20 with the addition of four specials celebrating sussez produce; my eye is on the Sussex blue speccial of blue cheese, portobello mushroom, spinach, roast garlic, black olives and pancetta... are you hungry yet??

A new find for me since the Brightons Best Restauarant awards and one I'm excited to get along to! Offering six small plates including a dessert for £20 I am so excited to try this menu!

The Urchin
If you like fish you are going to absolutely love this menu! A set menu of six dishes including Oyster with tomatillo salsa, Scallops with celeriac and lemon butter and a key lime pie to finish it off, this is definitely a venue to head to if you are Hove-actually resident or fancy a little advenutre west!

The Set 
A sharing menu for two at £20 with 10 items plus a drink and a pudding! This is definitely going to be a popular option for a lot of people over the next two weeks. The menu has a lot of star dishes that I am looking forward to trying including a Merguez croquette, peach ketchup and a duck ham dish served with a sambal. The Set itself is a smaller restaurant set in The Artist residences in central Brighton and has recently had a change of menu itself. 

Lucky Khao 
The final restaurant on my wishlist still left with spaces is the Lucky Khao. Another central Brighton venue offering a large menu selection during the festival is this Northern Thai Barbeque restauarnt, with options ranging from smoked chicken wings to Ox heart there is definitely something on the menu for everyone. This offer is available for the whole of the festival so plenty of chances to head down there.

Keep an eye on the blog for some reviews coming up of some of these restaurants and others I've been lucky enough to book into as well.

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