Fatto a Mano does Octoberbest

The amazing offers of October Best seem like a distant memory in this horrendous weather but I can't enjoy such an amazing offering and not speak about it! I was lucky enough to go to a few of the October best offerings but one of the best value for money menus had to be the Fatto A mano one. Two pizza’s and two sides for just £20, with specials on the menu for October as well.

The Restaurant 

We went to the Hove branch for our evening out but there are two other restaurants in this chain; one in the Brighton laines and the other at the end of London Road. I am a big fan of the Hove branch for a few reasons (only one of which is that it's easiest for me to get to both from my mums house and from the train station). The Hove branch has a great exterior area which is often seen full to the brim on a summer day (do we even remember what they were like??). 

The inside of the restaurant is on three floors and has a range of seating from pizza oven viewing, bar side and tables on three floors. Because of the size of the pizza oven in comparison to the size of the restaurant the place is often warm to hot but given the weather currently it’s a great cosy escape to enjoy your pizza in.

The Sides/Starters

We decided to have all of our sides and pizza’s at the same time because a lot of food at once is one of my favorite things! For the sides we opted for the ever amazing rosemary salt fries and a new order for me, the bruschetta.

The bruschetta was covered in fresh perfectly season tomatoes with the right amount of oil to make the crispbread underneath flavorsome without being soggy!

We also decided to get an extra side (because we’re greedy like that) and order the family favorite of nocerella olives. I always recommend ordering these as a nibble to start the meal and I think a great intro to olives, if you are not entirely convinced by them.

The Mains

For the pizza’s I went with one of the October Best specials and Jo went for a classic order. My special was the Sussex Blue. A white pizza with Sussex blue cheese, portobello mushrooms, spinach, roast garlic, black olives and parmesan.

I don’t often go for a white pizza but these was a delicious mix of flavours and didn’t need the addition of the tomatoes. The blue cheese is something I have had on pizza’s before and can, at times, be completely overpowering as a flavor. However, this wasn’t the case at all with this pizza; there was a great balance of blue cheese flavor with the umami of the mushrooms. The spinach was less wilted than I expected and instead charred on the top. The olives gave a great sharpness to break through the other creamy soft flavours, I would have liked a couple more but I always want more olives!

Jo went for the N’Duja pizza. Nduja is a spiced minced pork sausage and is actually my go to pizza topping order at the moment. 

The pizza comes with a tomato base, roasted peppers, mozzarella, basil, parmesan and spinata; another spicy salami. I love the balance of classic pizza flavours of this pizza with the spicy elements from the nduja paste that is spread out.

The Dessert

We didn’t go for a dessert this time because both of us were completely full but I can definitely recommend their scugnizzielli Nutella;  Nutella covered fried pizza dough normally served with a vanilla ice cream. I rarely have room for it but every time I’m there I look at any that come out with complete jealousy!

I now immediately want to go and have pizza, whose coming?

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