15 questions to ask your wedding photographer

We did it! We've booked our photographer and can officially say "I have something to wear, somewhere to wear it and someone to take pictures of it!"

We were lucky enough to have a photographer in mind just after we got engaged, she actually took the pictures of my mum's wedding so I already knew her and her work. To meet we just dropped her an email a little while back and arranged to meet in a local cafe for a chat. 

There are so many things that you need to think about with a photographer that you wouldn't ever think to ask, so after grilling her for a while (and working out what was useful and what was ridicuous) here are my most useful questions to ask your wedding photographer...

1. Do you have our date available?

2. How much are you for a full day/half day/this many hours?

3. How would you describe your style?

4. How many images will I receive and roughly how long will they take?

5. Do you retouch images?

6. Do you have a second shooter and how much extra does it cost?

7. What happens if you are ill/can not make the wedding?

8. Do we need to cover any additional costs like transport or accommodation?

9. Do you charge overtime?

10. Will you advise on timings and shots or will that be up to us to lead?

11. How much is the deposit and when is it due?

12. When do I need to give you the final payment?

13. How is it best to contact you before the wedding?

14. Can I send you a list/pinterest board of shots I would like?

15. What time will you be arriving on the day of the wedding?

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