My unrealistic goals for 2019

Does anyone else feel like they set the same resolutions every year? Every year I sit down on the 1st and write a post (or pre-blog a text to my mum) with all of my resolutions for the year, the things I am going to start doing NOW which will definitely make me sooo much happier. 

Well, this year I have decided to do something different. Instead of resolutions that you can fail and then give up on, I am going to be setting goals to achieve by the end of the year and not just goals, unrealistic goals, the kind of goals you dream of but never say out loud because you think you sound stupid, the kind of goals you daydream about in the shower (where all my best ideas are) but never put out into the universe... I am going to put them out there and keep my fingers crossed!

To reach 5000 followers on Instagram 

Okay so it's a big leap and given all of the competition and changes on Instagram it might not be achieveable, but that is what I am aiming for which means; 
more content, more stories and maybe a few collaborations as well. 

To find the perfect wedding dress and love how I look in it

I have started the online scanning and endless Pinterest searching but to find the dress I love is going to be a challenge.. to absolutely love the way I love in it is another thing altogether! It's going to take some work on myself to get there and I am sure a hell of a lot of visits to different bridal shops.. mum you ready??

To save enough to buy a house

Anyone who knows me knows why this is an unrealistic goal. I am not a saver. I struggle to save money because I struggle not to spend money! However, half way through 2018 Henry and I decided to start seriously saving for a house (and now a wedding) and we were being really good. At the current rate I am saving, I should have enough in my 2020 but my goal is to rejig, tighten the purse strings and save enough by the end of the year!

To work with 6 brands that I love

I would love to work with some of my dream brands this year so here I am putting it into the universe. I was lucky enough to do some work with brands before and I would love to build on those relationships and start to work with some others; there are some dream brands I have in mind but that's for another blog post!

To run 5 successful and fully booked Brighton blogger events 

This was something I aimed to do last year but various things, mainly myself, got in the way. This year I am (again) putting it into the universe and getting planning on running some more events this year, 5 might be a push but I want to get back into the swing. If you'd like to come along or be a part of organising them then please let me know!

So those are my goals, I have been lucky enough to have such an amazing 2018 and managed to achieve some things I am really proud and it's been great. I can not wait to see what 2019 brings!

What are your hopes, dreams or goals for 2019? Let me know over on my Instagram @brightonbb_

This post was inspired by the amazing Little Miss Jordan and her 2018 and 2019 unrealistic goals posts. Make sure to check out her blog here 

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