Indian summer, a date night for two

I have lived in Brighton for all my life (except a little blip for two years of university) and have been lucky enough to eat in a lot of the restaurants. But, one of my favourite things is finding new places to eat, especially when they have been there for a while. 

After being invited to Indian Summer's 17th birthday party, we not only stepped into the beautiful restaurant for the first time but also tried some of their delicious food. I couldn't wait to head back for a sit-down meal.

The Starters

To start we had the papads with all of the sides, I loved the two different flavours of the papads and it was a great snack to nibble on whilst we browsed the menu. 

For my starter, I chose the tikka paneer which was tandoori roasted panner with a ginger and coriander marinade. I'd actually not tried panner before and it was delicious and the flavours were delicious mixed with the red cabbage. 
Henry chose the onion, potato and carrot pakoda which was served in an ornate metal bucket and came with coriander chutney and tamarind dipping sauce. 

The Main course

For the main course, Henry and I went with two quite different dishes. I chose the prawn ragoon which is a recipe that has been developed from the recipe of the great-grandmother of the owner, Byron. It was a thinner sauce than I expected but I loved the sweet and sour elements of the dish and the complimentary sides of chilli garlic samphire and vegetable pilau went so well. 

I also couldn't help myself and added an extra side of garlic and sage butter roti which, although I didn't finish it, was delicious and rich in garlic flavour!

Henry went for a thali; a dish that is actually part of their #thalitime during which you can get their signature thalis for £13.95. The dish came with a mixed platter of vegetarian elements including aloo baignan (curry), chana gobi which is a chickpea-based curry, thoran, dal and of course a papad, roti and rice. Henry also added a chilli pickle as well for some extra spice. 
Henry loved every element of the dish with each element having distinct flavours, it was a generous amount of food for one!

The Dessert and Service

We did the classic rookie error of eating too much food to be able to manage a dessert. I was disappointed not be able to fit in one of their amazing looking homemade desserts, especially after seeing the selection of Indian sweets at the birthday party event that I had attended a few weeks before. 

I think though, the fullness is a perfect reflection of how delicious the food was. Everything that was brought out was unique in flavour and perfectly balanced levels of heat and spices. What I also loved was the whole experience; the service was exceptional from the wine recommendations and menu knowledge to the small soup that was given to each table. I loved the addition of the complementary pallet cleanser that was served between courses- a mix of pineapple and coconut, it was a stunning addition to the menu. 

Whilst we were there you could really tell that it was a venue for all sorts of groups to enjoy, from cute date nights in their curtained booths to large groups in their back area of the restaurant and the range on the menu means there's a dish from everyone.

I would definitely recommend it as a special meal out, especially in this cold cold weather when all you want is a large glass of red, good service and a flavoursome meal! Make sure to book via their website and keep an eye out for some of their amazing lunchtime and evening offers. 

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