Kari Club, The authentic Indian cooking club

I am an absolute sucker for a subscription box or food related delivery. So when I was offered the chance to try the Kari Club I was thrilled; a combination of great ingredients and clear instructions all delivered to my door. The idea is simple; an authentic home cooking guide delivered to your door, once a month. All boxes include ingredients including spices and fresh herbs and step-by-step instructions numbered to make it as simple as possible.

The recipe I tried was Mamaji's Chicken; a creamy chicken curry with chopped fresh vegetables and chicken thigh. Included, was not only this but three sides; sweet potato and carrot thoran, spiced basmati rice and homemade chapatis. 

The recipe itself was split depending on dishes and laid out clearly on the card you are provided with. I loved that each of the spices was numbered to coincide with the recipe and all of the instructions were clear- I honestly think this is a great idea for any foodies that don't have the knack of cooking. 

The recipe began with the curry, starting with onions and the dried chilli, then adding the spices by numbers and the diced fresh tomatoes. The recipe even comes with a garlic and ginger paste to save on that endless dicing. A great addition was the sauce made from cashew nuts. It added a depth of flavour I haven't had before and definitely made it healthier than a glug of cream. I left mine a little grainy which didn't make for a great picture, but I liked the texture.

Next was the thoran, chapati and rice. The thoran itself was delicious and we had plenty to spare for a meal the next day, in future I would probably make half the amount of this. 

Unfortunately, the chapatis didn't work out for me. I wasn't sure if it was a lack of flour or my poor kneading skills, but I'll be needing to do a take two on that!

Overall the food was really good. Having never made an authentic curry it was great to learn some techniques and which spices are involved. I look forward to trying some of the other Kari Club recipes in future. The chapati situation was disappointing, but the main attraction (the curry) was lovely. I loved the well thought out recipes and the spicing by numbers so would recommend to anyone who doesn't cook that regularly, for me I like to freestyle a bit more than it allowed.   

Would you like to try and make your own version of Mamaji's curry, or maybe you'd rather try the vegetarian options? Use the code 'EASTER' to get 50% off until the 6th of April. Head over to their website to order your box and make sure to tag me in anything you make @brightonbbblog on twitter or instagram.

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