What I ate in Fuerteventura

So maybe I haven't quite got through my holiday blues yet. I still sigh everytime I look out of the window in the morning, or when I stare longingly at my bikini. So in the interest of feeling inspired rather than deflated, I thought I would share some of the food we ate whilst in Fuerteventura. 

We started our holiday off with a breakfast in Wagamama, I opted for their version of a fry up which included bacon, sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms alongside poached eggs, wilted spinach and sweet potatoes. 

The flight was just over four hours, during which we mostly ate Pringles and Werthers!
Then began the cocktails, freshly squeezed juices and tapas!!

We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel half board and so had a lot of our breakfasts and dinners in the hotel, the selection of food was great but not the most photogenic. 

On two of the nights, we decided to venture out of the hotel. The first adventure led to this amazing burger place. Serving burgers that were (no exaggeration) the size of my face, the menu was varied and the staff were great. Both mum and I opted for a blue cheese burger (extra bacon for me) and a small fries. 

On our final evening, we went to a restaurant that came highly recommended, The Ugly Duckling. It was a little out of town, so we took a taxi ride there for our early booking. The menu was simple yet tempting; a variety of hot and cold starters and then a selection of meat, poultry and fish for main. My favourite thing about the menu was the options; on choosing your main you could then choose whichever potatoes, garnish and sauce to accompany the dish. They also had a great looking stew, but it was too hot for that! 

To start I opted for the Buffalo mozzarella and mum for the Spanish specialities. For mains we both chose to go for Secreto Iberico; a cut of meat neither of us had had before. I went with sauteed spinach, oven roasted potatoes and the red wine sauce with mine and it was amazing, if not a little parsley heavy for me. 

Our final meal on the island was a lunch at Toro Beach, a restaurant we found ourselves gravitating towards a few times for a cocktail by the beach. We ordered the seafood paella to share y dos cerveza and it was stunning.

What I haven't included are the pictures of mum and I trying dishes- it has long been a tradition of ours that, whenever you can try multiple dishes, we have to choose each other something we have never had before. Our holiday selection included fish mousse on a pickled egg, melon and spearmint soup, strawberry gazpacho and the worst of all; fish mousse on a pear with a walnut. 

Other than that though, I loved the food that we had whilst on holiday. There was a huge selection of restaurants on the island and everything was easily accessible, I will definitely be heading back soon. But in the meantime, I think I need to go and invest in a decent paella pan!

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