Handmade thank you cards

So as many of you will have seen in my last post (8 resolutions for 2018) one of my big goals for this year is to get crafty. Obviously I love to cook and bake, but I want to try to add extra crafts and skills in as well! So to start off, and to keep the Christmas vibe alive a little bit longer, I decided to make thank you cards for my family. I didn't want to go too extravagant so these are all simple for you to do yourself! 

Design one: Tape it

You will need: Blank card, string or twine, washi tape (from tiger), a pair of scissors and a black pen 

First, make two small holes on either end of the card. Then cut your string to the same length plus an extra cm on each side so that you can tie it at the back. 
Cut 1.5-2cm strips of your washi tape and fold over the tape. 
Once you have folded all of the tape strips over then cut into bunting style flags. 
Thread the string through the holes and secure at the back
In a thick black pen add your message on the bottom of the card and - voila. 

Design two: Stamp it

You will need: Blank card, letter stamps and ink

The simplest of all of the designs, and also the quickest! Simply choose the message you want to write, draw a pencilled straight line as a guide and stamp away!

Design three: Hang it

You will need: Blank card, string or twine, leftover gift tags and pen

You can use any leftover gift tags for this one, or if it's not Christmas then make your own. 
Simply write your message on your tag and thread through a long piece of string. 
Make two holes in your card and thread the string through. 
Secure at the back and adjust the label to hang where you want. 
You can glue the tag down but I really like the movement.

Design four: Sew it

You will need: Blank card, pencil and rubber, safety pin, thread, needle and patience

Firstly, draft your message in pencil on the front of the card. When you are happy with it, use the safety pin to punch holes along the lines. When done rub out the pencil. 
Then sew between each hole to show your message, I used a back stitch but use whatever you are comfortable with. 
You can either use one colour, two colours, or if you have the patience, a rainbow is really effective!
Tidy it by sticking another piece of paper on the inside of your card, or leave the stitches visible. 

Which one is your favourite? Would you like to see more craft on my blog? 
Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram - @brightonbb

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