Crepeaffaire, Brighton

Sometimes being an adult is the best! Being an adult means you can eat what you want, when you want. So when I was invited to Crepeaffaire Brighton to celebrate their first birthday, I knew I was heading down for a sweet dinner! Their birthday was actually before Christmas but Henry and I only managed to get down this week; and it was worth the wait!

The Restuarant and Service

Crepeaffaire itself is on East street, tucked back in the heart of the laines. The restuarant is simply decorated but welcoming. With individual tables and a bar at the front to watch the world go by, I was a big fan of the decor. Service is simple; you look through the menu and then order at the counter where they make the crepe in front of you. They serve your food to the table but I loved watching them make the crepes by hand in the traditional way, the smell was everything!

The service was great as well, the team seemed genuinely passionate about their job and a true smile was seen when we complimented the food.

The Drinks

Henry opted for a beer and a bottle of water but I couldnt turn down the amazing indulgence menu. The salted caramel popcorn milkshake was calling out to me! 

Served in a mason jar with whipped cream and popcorn topping, the milkshake was sweet with enough salt to make it interesting. With the balance of vanilla and the perfect temperature- I don't do warm milkshakes- I really enjoyed it and would recommend to any one who likes that mix of salt and sweet. 

The Food

In a small attempt to be 'sensible' we chose to have a savoury and a sweet option to share. After much deliberation we went for Ham and cheese as our savoury option. 

With servings large enough to share, the crepe was filled to the brim with melted cheese and flavoursome ham. To Henry's dissapointment, they didn't have any mustard, but without it the flavours were blanced perfectly. With the crisp edges of the crepe and the stringiness of the cheese it was a great mix of textures and flavours.

For the sweet, we went for 'I'll Have What She's Having'. A sweet sensation of strawberries, cream and nutella (which you can switch for belgian chocolate). On the team's recommendation we added bananas as well for that extra sweetness, and it was great. 

Again the crepe was large and full to the brim with the different toppings. The sweetness of the strawberries, banana and nutella was cut through nicely by the cream and of course the classic combinations worked well. Slightly on the messier side to eat, I wouldn't advise this as a take away option but to sit in, it was a great meal to share as a couple. You can also add ice cream, but we opted out of that.

The Allergies

They have a great selection on their menu for anyone with food allergies or preferenes, which I was really impressed with. The also provide for gluten free customers! On their website they have a clear and conscise system for all allergens; listing all ingredients and allergens below each option. 

Overall, we really enjoyed the food. There are so many options on the menu, with the option to personalise them all. The indulengnce collection added an extra bit of glamour to the menu, and would be a great evening or weekend treat. But the highlights for me were the classic flavours, and traditional methods. 

With the options to take away or have in, I would reccomnd it for any one visiting Brighton and with the app you can claim rewards when you eat in; with the first crepe you have being free. Make sure to head over to their website for their full menu and allergens

I was invited to Crepeaffaire to celebrate their first birthday and so the meal was complimentary but all views are my own (and sometimes Henry's)

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