Lemon Bonbon; The Brighton and Sussex Cookbook

There's not a lot I love more than a good cookbook! So when Meze publishing announced their brand new book, celebrating the food and people of Brighton and Sussex, I was so excited and jumped at the chance to get a copy myself. The Brighton and Sussex cookbook is filled with stories, pictures and delicious recipes created by the producers and chefs, for you to recreate at home. 

For my first creation from the book, I couldn't not do a cocktail. This cocktail was actually created by Marwood Bar and coffee shop, a regular haunt of mine for a quick coffee in the middle of shopping. Their partner shop is Presuming Ed's; equally as quirky but located on London road. There is a range of hot drinks, cakes and of course cocktails.

Pre-warning; this recipe does include Werther's vodka. Although it might be one of my favourite things to drink, it does take a while to get right. A top tip to speed up the process is to put the sealed container of the vodka and sweets into a hot bowl of water. This will mean that the sweets dissolve quicker and you'll get that great taste quicker. 

To create the final cocktail just combine the Werther's vodka, fresh lemon juice, and homemade sugar syrup. Shake and serve over ice. 

I was lucky enough to be sent this book for free but all opinions are my own

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