Franco Manca new menu launch

Henry and I were lucky enough to be invited along to Franco Manca for their new menu launch. Franco Manca is one of the must-visit pizza restaurants in Brighton and with a restaurant in the centre of town and one at the marina, it's an accessible one too. All pizzas are slow-rise sourdough cooked in an open kitchen. With a simple menu and ever-changing specials board, it is a great combination of great food and cosy atmosphere. 

Alongside the classic pizzas we have come to love, they have added a few extras and we went along to the Brighton branch to try some of the new pizzas out.

The Food 

So the new release only included two new pizzas, which I was really happy about as I was worried that they would get rid of the classics! The new pizzas were number 3; the wild brocolli and old spot sausages and number 7; spicy lamb sausage, tomatoes and buffalo ricotta. 

Henry went for the classic choice of tomato with cured chorizo with additional olives. The pizza, as always, had perfectly spotted crusts and a thin base however with the addition of tomatoes and a lack of mozerella my pizza was a little sloppy for me. Henry's however was a great balance of dough, cheese and toppings.

The Dips and Bites

Some things that we hadn't tried before were the dips, they had a range of different ones but we went for a stilton dip and a chilli dip. They pretty much are what they say on the tin, the blue cheese dip was a strong blue cheese which was a great addition to the pizza. However, if you aren't a BIG fan of blue cheese I'd steer clear. Similarly, the chilli dip was beyond spicy - it was too much for me but henry really liked it.

We also opted for, after spotting them on instagram, the chorizo bites. I was expecting chorizo in cubes however they came as slices of chorizo, the same as on the pizza, so were nice but not what I expected. 

For pudding, we decided to share the lemon almond cake. It was a deliciously moist and flavoursome cake, with a yoghurt and honey side it was a light and refreshing end to a heavy-ish meal.

The Service 

The service every time I go to Franco manca is great! All of the staff are knowledgeable about the food, and the service is always really fast. We were checked on regularly and the food and drinks were served quickly. For those of you who haven't been before, the cutlery and oils are on the table which is something I personally like a lot. 

All in all, I am still a lover of Franco Manca's classic pizzas. The new pizzas are great in concept, however, mine was a little sloppy. I'm a big fan of being able to pick up pizza if I want to. I will definitely be heading back, however, sticking with their original pizzas, or maybe try one of the forever appetising specials. 

Did you see my last post? I made one of the cocktail recipes from 

We were invited along to try the new menu, however, all opinions are my own, and sometimes Henrys. 

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