My 7 favourite halloween films

Let me start by saying I love halloween for all of the things that aren't scary; I love the food and the costumes, the decoration and the trick or treating and I especially love the nights in with a thick blanket and a good film. I realise that halloween isn't for two weeks but I'm excited early, and you should be too!

As I said I don't do scary so don't expect to find any gorey horrors or crazy slasher films in this list. But here are my favourite halloween cosy films to get you in the mood for Halloween:

Hocus Pocus
I obviously had to feature this film high up on the list. It was one of my all time favourite movies ever, and in particular at Halloween. Hocus Pocus tells the story of teenage max alongside his little sister and friend, who bring the Sanderson sisters to life. The story is great, there are witches and magic and the music is stand out! 

Practical Magic
Don't let the upbeat music in the advert fool you, this is the darker story of two sisters and their family curse- meaning all men who fall for them end up dead. It is the story of sisterly love but with a good hint of magic, living dead and emotional scenes. Starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, you know its going to be worth the watch.

The Adamms family
Who doesn't know the opening music to The Adams family?! Welcoming you into the lives of this, non traditional family, and their search for the long lost cousin fester. Full of interesting characters, twisting story lines and halloween costume inspiration like no other, its a great watch for the family. 

It's a classic. I'm talking about the original because I actually haven't seen the remake yet (I know shocking!). This tells the story of a group of friends, and professionals, who start a business ridding the town of paranormals- full of humour, gunge and a lot of ghosts it's an oldie but a goody.

Corpse Bride
What is halloween without a bit of Tim Burton? When the shy, and slightly awkward, groom practices his wedding vows to the wrong person it ends with a match not made in heaven- but in the afterlife. Full of classically brilliant Burton music and my all time favourite wedding vows. This is a sing along tale with romance, humour and classic Tim Burton twists.  

The Haunted Mansion
This might not be everyones cup of tea but I am a sucker for an Eddie Murphy film. When a realtor, Eddie Murphy, and his family are called to a mansion they soon find out that it is haunted- not only with people but with a chilling past as well. A family friendly film with a combination of ghosts, magic and fortune tellers it not only has classic halloween elements but a feel good, lesson teaching, classic. 

The Nightmare before Christmas
So there is an ongoing debate- is it a halloween film or is a Christmas? I love it so much I say its both! Telling the story of the pumpkin king, Jack, and his discovery of Christmas land. Yes there's Santa, and Christmas Day but the main character is in charge of halloween and there are a lot more horror things than Christmas!
(I asked over on my Instagram stories and most of you said Halloween film, so its staying!)

Did I miss of any of your favourites? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @brightonbbblog

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