11 things I wish teenage me knew

Dear teenage Amara,
On Friday I turned 26- I am officially closer to 30 than I am 20 and most people would say I am an adult. I know that you think you know it all already. But from me to me, here are a few things I wish you knew.

1. It is okay that he doesn't fancy you.
You spend too long wondering why they don't like you and not enough time looking at the ones who do. It seems like the most important thing in the world right now, is to have a boyfriend. There are so many amazing things to come which won’t involve a boyfriend! Just you and your friends.

2. Your parents are usually right.
You won't want to admit it now and sometimes you will genuinely believe that they are wrong, or just being mean. But listen to your parents. They will not always be here to give you advice so listen while you can because you will soon be in your twenties repeating that same advice to the people you care for. 

3. Things are going to suck.
There is going to be a time soon where things are going to really suck, something bad is going to happen and everything will change. Then things will suck a bit more but you won’t realise why. Some of these things will pass. Some of these things will get easier to deal with. Keep your family and friends close; do not shut them out, let them care they are looking out for you.

4. Drink water.
So maybe if you do this, I won’t struggle to do it so much now. You are blessed with minimal spots and good health but this will not last forever! Drink water ALL THE TIME. 

5. Enjoy school. You will never grow out of being stubborn, sarcastic and a little argumentative. You are doing a really bad job of getting away with it at the moment but you will get better, get better quickly. GCSEs are coming and even sooner your mum is getting a job in your school. Be naughty but be smart about it. You are going to end up working in schools so, learn the tricks now so you can spot them later.

6. Get your legs out.
Your mum’s advice is right, you are embarrassed about your eczema but they will fade in the sun so strut your stuff; you won't look like this forever!

7. Learn to do your eyebrows now.
It's great that you have beautician friends (I’m looking at you Sophie) who can do your eyebrows for you whenever you need it, but it would be great if you could save future yourself some money and learn to do them. Especially when the style is to be as thin as possible!

8. Enjoy your lie ins.
You lie in every weekend and get a lot of stick for it.. but enjoy it! You won’t be able to do it for the rest of your life. You'll be up before 9 writing blog posts, just because you can't sleep anymore

9. Family is who you choose it to be.
There is nothing more to say.

10. Don't give up dancing
You love it, but sometimes it gets in the way of parties. There will be more parties!! You keep dancing until you're almost 20 and then just stop, don't. Its the reason you cant eat so much, drink so much and never get any bigger. 

11. You are enough.
You are comparing yourself to your friends, and your acquaintances far too much! You are Amara and you are the only one of you. You will have opportunities that they don't and you will do things they won't. Be happy with who you are and what you can do. Lots of really cool stuff happens to you, and by my age you are pretty happy with life. 

Lots of love
A closer to 30 than 20 Amara

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  1. I wish when I was younger that I knew number 11 as well, in fact I still have to remind myself of that!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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